What to Wear in 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 Weather

Since nature requires the seasons to keep constantly changing, it is important for you to know what type of clothes to wear for the different weather conditions. Whether it is freezing or extremely hot, you should always have your wardrobe ready to keep you warm or cool, relaxed, and comfortable at all times, Since we … Read more

What To Wear To A Bridal Shower As A Guest

what to wear to a bridal shower can bring on all forms of guest anxiety, especially if the invitation is ambiguous. So many questions come to mind. What should I bring? What’s the proper etiquette? How should I do my hair? And most importantly, what should I wear? Well, let me tell you that there’s … Read more

What To Wear To A Graduation

It’s finally here, the day you and everyone you know have been waiting for. The day where you say goodbye to all the sleepless caffeine filled nights, to the countless assignments, to the good grades and the bad ones. It’s graduation day! It would be a shame for you to worry about anything, especially what … Read more

What to Wear on a Cruise

Cruises are without a doubt the ultimate escape. You’re in the middle of nowhere with thousand of strangers around you. Endless possibilities of fun, new meetings, and new adventures. So, you’re about to embark on a glamorous cruise? Will you be sunbathing, island-hopping eating gourmet meals all day, everyday ? Great ! Then you should … Read more

What to wear to a 90s Party

90s fashion

Need to know what to wear to a 90s party you have coming up? Let these It girls inspire your theme party ensemble. In this world, you can find 2 types of girls out there. The first type of girls are those who will never be too lazy to dress up for a theme party. What to … Read more