Best Bathrobes For Women (January 2020)

How Best Bathrobes Can Make Your Life Comfortable

Bathrobes or robes have certainly evolved during the years. A bathrobe is technically designed for the purpose of wearing it after a shower or before dressing up, but most of us are guilty of lazing around in one quite a few times as we read the Sunday newspaper. You cannot blame people for wanting to hang around in a bathrobe – it is just so comfortable and easy!

Most people probably first encountered a bathrobe if they stayed overnight at a hotel. Most people love hanging around in one with hotel slippers on and spending a relaxing time away from their normal and hectic lives.

History of the “Robe”

The garment itself has always been used throughout history, even if not as a bathrobe. The word “robe” comes from a French word, which literally means “a woman’s dress.” This was considered different from the regular cloaks and capes because it had attached sleeves.

Over the years, robes have had many versions. The first few ones have been worn in the 9th century BC by the Greeks. These robes were then called “chitons” and were brightly colored and decorated at the hemline, which showed the place of residence of the wearer.

Ancient Romans were also one of the first few ones to wear this garment back in the 3rd century BC. They were generally worn underneath a garment at formal events as it showed the status of the one wearing it. The longer robes with stripes meant a higher social standing.

The Japanese came next in adopting the robe because of the straight-line sewing technique that was developed back in the Heian period in 800 AD. The purpose of these robes invented by the Japanese was to have all-in-one garments as opposed to having separate bottoms and tops. These “robes” were suitable for all occasions and body shapes and sizes. These are still in use today and have evolved as kimonos, which are worn as traditional attire for funerals, weddings, and many other special events.

Organized religion then came next to use the robe for almost all purposes, which started back in the 12th-13th century. Academia was not far behind and can also be traced back to the same time period. This is because many European universities were founded by the clergy. The influence of such robes still exists today as they can be seen in graduation ceremonies.

Finally came the “banyan” which started off in the 18th century. They were the foundation for the eventual bathrobe we see today. They were also called night or morning gowns and were generally worn by men. They were a loose fit garment worn back in the day by intellectuals and philosophers.

The garment finally evolved but maintained its main purpose – to provide a soft, warm and comfortable feeling with durable fabrics. The bathrobes we see today are a perfect example of this being made of plush and soft cotton that is not just smooth but also super absorbent. This means it is able to maintain its feel and shape for years.

Why Should You Always Look  For Best Bathrobes?

Towels can do a pretty good job of keeping you warm as soon as you step onto the cold tiles of the bathroom if you have a couple of nice, big towels. Staying cozy after a shower, however, requires more than just a couple of towels. Having best bathrobes can certainly be a great addition to your evening or morning showers or can actually be a simple piece of clothing you can laze around in at your home during the weekends and on your time off. Here are the top reasons why you need to invest in a great bathrobe if you do not have one already:

Privacy When You Have House Guests

If you generally get a lot of house guests or even unexpected ones that stay for an extended period of time, you can avoid having to run from your bathroom to your closet if you have a bathrobe handy. Having a bathrobe that is nice and long will keep you covered and is the ideal solution when you have guests over who do not understand what privacy is. With a bathrobe, you will not need to change into your clothes right away – guests or no guests! You can even hand one to your house guests to use when they are staying over.

Helps Cut Back on Towels

You can choose a nice spa bathrobe or a terrycloth bathrobe that’s made of an absorbent material that will help keep you warm and absorb all moisture, thus making the use of towels unnecessary except, of course, for drying your hair. Using a bathrobe is also helpful if you are ever caught in a rainstorm and you need to dry off the moisture and warm yourself up quickly.

Use After Swimming

There must have been so many times that you have gone swimming and forgotten to bring oversized towels. Small towels do not work as well for drying yourself off as a terrycloth bathrobe. Using a bathrobe over the swimsuit also acts as a good cover-up when you are at a public swimming pool or at the beach.

Great Halloween Costume

It may be funny, but using your bathrobe to put together your Halloween outfit can actually be a great idea. All you need to do is simply put pink curlers in your hair and wear thick glasses on your nose and pajamas under your bathrobe. If it is not Halloween, a bathrobe over your pajamas will simply add coverage and warmth, especially when your robe is nice and long for those chilly winter nights.

Ideal for a Night In

What can be a better choice for a relaxing night-in than to hang around in your robe? If you want to have a spa-like experience in your home, the bathrobe acts as the perfect outfit when indulging in face masks and pedicures.

Saves Water and Resources

Apart from bathrobes being comfortable and warm, they also help save water and space. Using a nice, long bathrobe means you are using fewer towels, which can help save the time and water spent on actually washing and drying towels. One simple bathrobe can be used for the same purpose that two large bath towels would have been used for.

Waking Up to Comfort

Nothing can be better than waking up to a warm cup of coffee snuggled in your cozy bathrobe. You can move around with ease and still feel you are between your sheets even when you are out of bed. You do not have to decide what you are going to wear right after waking up and can simply have your breakfast in your robe.

Cook Without Using an Apron

Don’t want to use an apron for cooking? You do not have to if you have a bathrobe! Simply wear your robe over your clothes or just a robe when you do not feel like changing clothes. Most bathrobes are made of quality materials, are washable and do not leave stains.

Cleaning the House with Peace of Mind

The majority of us do not like cleaning, especially when there’s some heavy-duty cleaning to do. You can simply wear your bathrobe to stay comfortable during the cleaning process, whether you need to scrub the windows, floors or toilet. Bathrobes would allow you to move easily and freely and even get to those areas that are hard to reach without feeling constrained. You do not have to worry about dirtying your clothes with strong chemicals or cleaning agents.

Work Comfortably from Home

One of the best parts about working from home is that you do not have to dress up for work. In fact, why not work in the most soothing and comfortable garment that you own? That is, your bathrobe? You can sit in your bathrobe in your home office and easily get your work done, make and receive phone calls, reply to your emails and walk around the house making business deals in the most comfortable wear!

Features to Look For in the Best Bathrobes

Shopping for the best bathrobe is a personal experience as everyone has their own idea of what comfort is to them. The main purpose of using a bathrobe is to dry up, provide warmth and comfort to the wearer and be a perfect fit. However, everyone has different ways of achieving this purpose. When you are picking out a bathrobe for yourself, there are a few things you should consider. Also, keep in mind the styles and materials which you like and make your choice accordingly.


The main factor to consider when picking out the best bathrobes is its fabric. The fabric decides the temperature at which the bathrobe will keep you. Hence, your choice of the fabric will depend on whether you want the bathrobe to keep you warm and covered after a shower or nice and cool for the summers. The plush, fleece or flannel bathrobes are good for cool temperatures, while linen and lightweight fabrics are best for warm temperatures as it will keep you light and breezy.


The small details on the bathrobes can really make a difference in how they will be worn and their functionality. The bathrobes that have long sleeves or shawl collars are ideal if you want to step outside in the cold weather or simply want to lounge inside the house. The ones that have a kimono style are great to use before dressing up and while applying makeup as they offer shorter sleeves. Best bathrobes are also useful as a morning dressing gown.

Low Maintenance

The best bathrobes to get is the one that offers low maintenance. It must be able to be washed at home and not require dry cleaning. The ones that can be simply tossed into the washer and dryer and do not leave stains behind will provide a lot of ease and convenience.


Bathrobes are available in a variety of colors. While many people like light and muted colors which are the most popular, bathrobes are also easily available in bright colors, so you can get any color you like. Colors really matter if you want to feel comfortable in the robe and is an important consideration.


The material of best bathrobes is also another factor to consider, but the choice depends on the user and what they are wearing the robe for. The most common fabrics for bathrobes are generally polyester fleece and cotton. Cotton bathrobes are perfect for those who are looking to wear an absorbent robe after a shower, whereas the polyester fleece ones are better at providing a plush feel and warmth during the cold winter months.


The size of the bathrobe generally means two things, the waist, and length. You have to make sure you get the right size, especially if you are taller or shorter than average.


The weight is also an important factor to take into account. It is relevant to the weather of the region you are living in. The weight can also be a design feature. Many people prefer a heavy and thick material as a sign of comfort, which also helps keep you warm. However, heavy material is not suitable for those who live in warmer climates.


Best Bathrobes have been around for a long time and have evolved with the passage of time to provide for the changing needs and requirements of people. They have, however, maintained their basic purpose, which is to provide comfort and ease within the home. There are so many benefits of using the best bathrobes at home that helps a person relax and feel comfortable. This should surely convince anyone to get themselves a new bathrobe if they do not have one already!