The Top 16 Best Cheap Makeup Brands In 2021

I LOVE makeup. To me, it’s an art form and a way to express myself. I’m always looking for new brands that are affordable and have great quality products. So, when I came across this list of the best cheap makeup brands on Instagram, I was so excited! If you’re just starting out with your collection or don’t want to spend too much money on something you might not like in the end.

Do you love make-up ? Can’t afford expensive brands? I’ve got you covered with this list of the 16 best cheap makeup brands!

The Best cheap makeup brands :

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1. Milani Cosmetics :

The best cheap makeup brands Milani’s baked blushes come in twelve different shades that all contain shimmer for a natural look. It has all different kinds of beauty products that are cheap and precise. This makeup brand is also cruelty-free.

2. Wet N Wild :

The best cheap makeup brands Wet N Wild is my favorite affordable beauty brand because of their selection and quality in nail polishes. They also have a wide variety of eye shadow palettes that retail for around $0.99-$13, depending on the type you want to purchase.

3. NYX Cosmetics :

This brand is one of my favorites because they have a huge variety of colors and styles. They also offer free shipping on orders over $25 which is amazing if you’re ordering multiple things at once. The pigments in their lipsticks are extremely rich, and will give your lips an intense color without feeling heavy or thick. Their eyeshadows also come in great shades with many matte options as well as shimmery ones that add depth to any look. 

4. E.l.f:

The best cheap makeup brands Elegant Lips Face is a low cost, high quality lipstick brand that has lipsticks for every skin tone and style preference; whether you’re into matte or shiny lips – ELF has it all!

5. Lime Crime :

I always liked Lime Crime because it’s both vegan and gluten-free, but I also love their lipsticks. They come in a wide variety of colors for every skin tone or occasion, which is great if you like to switch it up!

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6. L.A. Girl :

L.A. girl has a range of products for all your beauty needs, from lipsticks to eye shadows and much more! They also have some great quality concealers if you’re looking for them as well as their own version of the best eyebrow pencils ever!

 I recommend these cheap makeup brands because they are affordable but still give you a good quality product that lasts long without breaking the bank or making it hard on your wallet with other high price tags.

7. Sephora Collection :

The best cheap makeup brands Sephora Collection is a great budget friendly brand that has quality products. I recommend their setting sprays because they do the job of keeping your makeup on all day without feeling tacky or heavy and also smell incredible! They have a lot of different brands, but for cheaper prices than other stores so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to try new things in your everyday routine.

8. Essence :

The best cheap makeup brands is also a really good brand! I love the fact that they have a range of products for different needs. They are also always coming out with limited edition collections which is fun to see what’s new every month and the best part is that they are so affordable!

9. Makeup Revolution London :

is a very affordable brand of makeup that is not only good quality but has a lot of diversity in their product line. From the website, it appears they have over 200 different items from which to choose.

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills :

makes high-quality cosmetics at very reasonable prices with an emphasis on designing natural looking foundations and eyeshadows without any shimmer particles or glittery bits. They also offer brow waxing kits for people who want something more long lasting than what can be administered at home by using your fingertips to shape eyebrows into place after removing all hairs.

11. L’Oreal Paris :

This is a brand that I have used for years. The colors are rich and it lasts long when applied correctly. It has been around since 1909, so you know it’s good! The price is a bit higher than others, yet it is still affordable and of great quality.

 12. Maybelline New York :

This make up company was founded in 1915, but the first product wasn’t released until 1917. They offer many different types of products including foundation, eye shadow, blush/highlighter, mascara and much more! 

The best cheap makeup brands Maybelline is a very well known company that offers some good quality products at affordable prices.

13. Revlon :

The best cheap makeup brands is another great name in makeup and beauty supplies, with something for just about every taste and budget. With their variety of cosmetics, they offer everything from lipstick to nail polish – you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for here!

14. Cargo Cosmetics :

The best cheap makeup brands has been around since 1989 providing customers with a range of high-quality make-up products featuring colors never seen before. Their product line includes items such as foundations, eyeshadows, concealers and lipsticks available in any color you can imagine so there’s something perfect for everyone.

Covergirl can be found at most any store that sells makeup and they have some really good deals on their line of products.

 15. Rimmel London :

Founded in 1834 by Andrew Rimmel, this company has been in the beauty business since day one. The company designs a variety of makeup products including lipsticks, nail polish and eye shadows that are affordable for anyone on a budget.

16. Tarte :

Best cheap makeup brands Tarte is an up-and-coming but also luxury brand with all natural ingredients at their heart to offer great quality without breaking your bank account. As you can see, you do not need to be Kim Kardashian to buy makeup and look fantastic.


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Our Outlook

Anyone can buy make up and express their creativity and be confident. Also, affordable makeup does not necessarily mean bad quality. Here are great examples of well-known brands at very affordable prices.

I believe that women are all pretty naturally, yet make up enhances that beauty of yours. So, have you found the perfect brand(s) ? It is time to Make Up your mind, beautiful.

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