Best Diaper Bags For Travel in 2021

Every mom starts crying when it comes to doing shopping or traveling especially when you have toddlers. Isn’t? Definitely, best diaper bags for travel can solve this problem. Toddlers never stay in a place they keep moving here and there so your hands to be free to cover them while shopping.

You really deserve a cross body bag that helps you in everyday life. With toddlers, you can’t take a mini purse with you in hand, also you need room for baby bottles or nursing feeders to keep them in the market. You will also need to have baby diapers, wipes or some snakes with you to avoid any hustle. This is what a short one hand purse can’t do.

Best diaper bags for moms not only help with toddlers, they come into play when you plan to have spent the weekend at the beach or have to go for long summer vacations, or a busy day with friends for shopping or some other fun. A Diaper bag give you style with ease so you feel comfortable everywhere you wonder.

How To Choose Best Diaper Bags For Travel

As a mom, when I need a diaper bag, I look for something that ad styles for attending parties, looks best to any outfit, and have room to cover baby toys, my phone, sunglasses, wipes, and a small makeup kit. as well. So, versatility is the key is shoulder bags. So, here I will help you to find a versatile shoulder bag that brings the best functionality into your routine life.

After doing a deep research in the market, we have found some top-notch functional bags that adorn you with style. I have an extensive fact-finding in the market and asked moms to what they love most? So, after getting their opinions, found the best diapers bags and listed them below. So, you save precious time and money and acquire the best one.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag
Isoki Diaper Bag
Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag
MB Krauss Diaper Bag
SOHO Collections Diaper Bag
Forestfish Diaper Bag
Petunia Pickle Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag With Matching Changing Pad

Skip Hop presents one of the most convenient, lightweight and stylish best diaper bags for moms. This backpack bag features 1.4 pounds weight so as not to burden on body shoulders while doing shopping. This bag is big enough to cover all the baby stuff with multiple arrangements of pockets. It helps you to avoid any hustle during outside visit with naughty kids. There is a separate side pocket which allows a mom to put her essentials there to avoid any mix-up.

The dominant feature of this bag is you can use it either crossbody bag or a handbag well depends on how you feel convenient. Beside this, it’s phthalate and BPA free which means you can put anything like pacifiers, cups, and bottles safely in it. You will also get the patented shuttle clips with it so covert it into stroller bag whenever you want. So, it’s hard to beat this bag at that price.

Some users said that this bag has a sleek and thin changing pad. But, we don’t this is big enough to put all the other great quality on the side. You may buy a separate thicker changing bag. Its a budget-friendly, very light in weight, and multifaceted bag to use for tote as well diaper bag.


  • Patented Shuttle Clips
  • BPA Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Light Weight


  • Non-Portable

best unisex diaper bags picture


Isoki Diaper Bag For Mom With 13 Pockets

Isoki Diaper is the best option for a budget-friendly quality durable diaper bag for moms. Its come at a mid-range price with organized 13 inside and outside pockets to cover all essentials like phone, water bottle, keys, baby wipes, toys, and other baby stuff.  Also, offers additional accessories such as a single insulated bottle, large wipe clean pad changing mat, and a zippered purse which to carry for cash.

Depends on the situation, a removable stroller strip is also there to convert it in stroller bag. It’s waterproof so no to worry about baby milk and water.Moms love the simple, nice designs like the one below. You can wash this bag with hands and can apply machine too. You may use dry cleaning for food stains but this may result in fading out the color of this bag. Other than this, there is not a single thing to be curious about it.


  • Big Space
  • Trendy Design
  • Water Proof
  • Budget Friendly
  • Removable Accessories


  • Weight 2.2 Pounds

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Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F is a high quality, trendy and stylish diaper bag for moms comes with amazing features to organized items. There is too much space available in this bag so you don’t need to be confused again to elect whether or not to carry something due to lack of space. Made up with Polyester so you can wash it in the machine.

The fabric used in its manufacture is Teflon treated so the stain doesn’t stick with it. Also, the color won’t vanish even after so many times of machine wash. The inner lining of the bag is treated with Agion to inhibit the growth of mold and bad odor-causing bacteria. It has multiple sections and pockets to organize all the baby stuff for travel.

Also, the front pocket is mommy pocket large enough to organize smartphones, hand purse, keys, and other essential mom items. This Ju-Ju-Be bag is the best option to invest for mom with multiple children, as it does the best task for depositing padding in right places so this bag becomes cozier.

If you found any manufacturer defect, you can claim it as Ju Ju Be offers a lifetime warranty for that. It’s a versatile bag, offer 3 carry position, cross body, backpack straps, and shoulder strap. You can also carry as a handbag if needed. Effortless design with solace straps, made with textured fabrics, which prevent slipping from shoulder.

Besides all these facts, you need to know that this bag has 2.5 pounds weight. This means if you place heavy materials in it, it will be more bulky, no easy to carry with hands. But with crossbody option to carry, you can lift it up on your shoulders to go on.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Smart Pockets


  • Pricey With 2.5 Pounds

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Designer Tote Diaper Bag Women, 12 Pockets Bonus Stylish Changing Mat Clutch

MB Krauss designed a mom loving, fashion meeting stylish tote diaper bag. This bag comes faux leather straps and long-lasting fabric material. To hold all luggage, it has a total of 12 pockets, provides enough room to put all the essential mom and baby items. So, this big quite expandable from the inner side.

This innovative diaper bag offers 3 positions to carry, hand straps, shoulder strap, and stroller straps to hang it around the stroller. So, a hassle-free bag with multiple carries options to take it everywhere on a beach, in a zoo, or a day in an office or in the market, perfect for all. A bit heavy in weight but the quality is amazing to buy it. Cute tassels around it add-ons the beauty with versatility.

In spite of the fact that, this bag has to 12 pockets with 2 exterior bottle pockets, It doesn’t have exterior side wise pockets. You can’t use it for quick access to tissues, keys, wallets. Every time you need open up the zipper to take in or out anything. With the negotiable price option, this bag looks usual fare from outside. If you are looking for enviable outside look then this bag is good option to buy.


  • Plenty Of Room
  • 3 Positions To Carry
  • High-Quality Fabric
  • Convertible Changing Pad
  • Budget Friendly


  • A Bit Heavy

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SOHO Collections Diaper Bag Set

SOHO offers high-quality diaper tote bag set especially for pregnant moms with availability in multiple colors and nice pattern designs. As its complete diaper set, so your baby grows, this bag can be transformed into the multipurpose bag.  This comes with 10 pieces set to cover everything from A to Z. Top opening is wide you put and organize your luggage easily with two front pockets to set quick use items.

SOHO provides matching changing pad, insulated bottle bag, and translucent wipes case comes in help when reloading is needed. Offer 3 carry options, hand carry, crossbody and backpack bad, good to have a number of options to fetch this bag.So, by weight option, you can choose which way is easy to bear it with you either hand carry or lift it up to shoulders. Its outside surface has a water-resistant coating so bleaching stains is a hassle-free job.

Its silky design is quite attractive and appealing. This bag is very spacious as a number of accessories like bottle bag, wipes cases and other makes it easy for you to organize your belongings. This bag is an extremely best choice if you are going summer vocations on the beach, or any other beautiful place, it will cover your mom’s swimsuits and other summer dresses.

We have a noticed a few complaints about the zipper of this bags. This is not a solid logic to return it, while you have so many other things to love this bag set. You can verify all the other qualities of this bag upon arrival. With the budget-friendly price and plenty of room for luggage, this bag is really good for moms.


  • Perfect For Pregnant Moms
  • Budget Friendly
  • Portable Accessories
  • Easy To Carry


  • No Waterproof

Best Diaper Bags5


Forestfish Women’s Lightweight Gym Tote Bag Waterproof Sports Handbag

Forestfish offers super lightweight tote bag to cover multitask in daily routine life. This tote bag is best for camping, traveling, sports activities, family picnics, shopping or any other outdoor activities. If you are taking it with your gym for a workout, you easily arrange your waist trainers and other gym essentials in it. 

This is totally convertible from tote bag to messenger bag easily so it helps you to decide how to want it with where to go.  Made up of nylon so very lightweight as well quality to bear heavy luggage. A total of nine pockets helps you to organize your belongings easily.

Four of these pockets are located outside the bag surface, which will give you quick access to you common items like keys, tissues, wallets etc. Comes with multiple bearing options as you can adjust is easy as you want like carry it with hands, on breast bumps or as strollers. Depends on the weight of your luggage crossbody is the best option with this bag.

Nylon material used is totally waterproof as well as splash resistant. You can easily wash in the machine or with hands. You can also apply dry cleaning as Nylon will not fade out easily until you apply hard to bleach. You can easily use this bag as a purse, its inner side zipper pockets allow you to put coins and cash.


  • Water Proof
  • Light Weight
  • Multipurpose
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Budget Friendly


  • Some buyers say its small but we really don’t think so if you organized it well.

best baby diaper bags picture


Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag

This Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag has 11 pockets (6 interior slip, 2 interior zip, 3 exteriors) to organized baby and mommy stuff together. Really nice sleek lining design, moms from all over the world really like the lining shape. Petunia Pickle designed this bag to virtue travelers, moms, graduate students, and beach lovers.

It has two ways to carry options, handbag, and a crossbody bag previously, but now updated with removable stroller strap as well. So you can use it as you feel convenient. Leather mix straps with machine wash make it easy for moms. This bag is water proof with the folding side wise diaper changing station on the exterior is a relief for moms a year and a half baby.

It has outside pockets, also it’s magnetic snap closure allow you to quickly access the things you need. This petunia bag is made up of cotton fabric and available in plenty of colors and jolly prints. Simple but attractive design and budget-friendly push me to buy this bag for daily routine life.


  • Machine Washable
  • Budget Friendly
  • Leather Straps


  • Don’t scrub.

best diaper bags backpack picture


Why Best Diaper Bags For Travel?

You need to be reorganized yourself when you become a mom and decided to go on enjoy vocations or for shopping. Rather than to take a purse, you need to carry a diaper bag for travel anywhere. It doesn’t matter how much caring you are, you always be careful to have all the baby care stuff like baby diapers, wipes, pacifiers, baby outfits, toys, snack puffs, etc.

You may miss something to carry, it becomes a big hassle as kids don’t compromise. So, you need a bag that has bigger interior room to cover everything with small pockets to organize them in a smart manner, easy to carry with multiple strap options for stroller and crossbody, and side pockets for water bottles. You can’t get these options in a purse so say goodbye to your smart purse, and a diaper bag is good to buy.

Qualities Of Great Diaper Bag

To buy an excellent diaper bag, you must look for the below-mentioned qualities.

Quality Material

The other thing is you need to care about how long it should last? Better shelf life is the most preferable a person look for. So it should be durable, made up of quality stuff to last long. Basically, there are two types of bag, one comes with material that waterproof so they are hand or machine washable.

Most of these are not so much stylish. The stylish bags comes with a canvas material, so they are very stylish and attractive for buyers. But they are not waterproof and absorbs stain easily. So, it difficult to clean them up.  So you need a bag that is waterproof and adorn with style as well. A balance between fancy and quality material is good to buy.


A diaper bag should have enough space to organize your belongings easily. A bag with more pockets, it’s become easy to for you to catalog baby kits and other material. Must have some exterior insulated pockets to put water bottles there or some other drinks. A changing pad is very effective to have with it which should be portable. The more carry options a diaper have, easier for you to handle it accordingly. 

It will be a bonus if a bag has some exterior or interior hooks around it. These hooks come into play when you need to store keys or sunglasses for quick access. Beside all these things, a bag needs to be lightweight compared to its size. Think about a bag with large size, also have more weight. So, buy that bag which is normal in size and lightweight to carry.


Everyone likes to have a style in all of his belongings. So, a mom always prefers to have up to date fashionable bag to carry. Best diaper bags have a vast variety in all other of their types including cross body, messenger, and tote bags. Crossbody or backpack bags are always a handy choice because are easy to carry, don’t feel to be a burden.


A bag with proper protection is good to go long trips. Like a bag of waterproof material and has solid traction feet on the bottom is a good choice. So, you don’t carry all the time and can set it down without worrying about getting it dirty.


Price plays a big role when you buy a diaper bag. A diaper bag under $30 is very cheap bag so don’t aspect a higher quality from that. They may have a large number of pockets or plenty of room but I sure that it doesn’t have the right quality. For under $30, there are some bags which have quality material but it may have space problem or have only a few pockets. 

So, a mid rang diaper bag like under $100 is good to buy because the quality is great, also have all the necessary features which the best diaper bag must have. Bags with above $100 are luxury bags as top notch material is used with plenty of room and have additional features with them. But I would recommend you to buy a mid-range bag as it covers all of your needs. Don’t go luxury bags until you are highly interested in it and have enough spare money as well.


All the above-mentioned bag are top picks bag and thoroughly reviewed before we mentioned here. Before buying a tote bag for travel, you need to look for your needs. If a bag is according to your needs and has the quality you want, the price doesn’t matter in that case. So, I suggest you that always go for what solve your needs, either small or big, this way you always be satisfied with your decisions and you wouldn’t be remorse.

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