7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion in 2021

Do you have a plan of an outing on summer vacation? Isn’t? You definitely want to revive your body with the best indoor tanning lotions. A golden glow tan adorns your body with shine and eliminates the tedious look by fascinating your skin. A tanning session plays an important role in special events like spring break, proms, weddings, or summer vacations.

Tanning session depends on what kind of event you are going to attend and what skin type you have. There are two ways to tan your body skin. One is outdoor sun tanning and the other is indoor bed tanning with lotions. So, It always recommended to take indoor bed tanning and avoid sunburn tanning to prevent the risk of developing skin cancer.

If you going to spend tropical or summer vacations at the beach, you should take a least one best indoor tanning lotions sessions. A few tanning sessions can be proficient to retain the tan for a longer period under the sunlight. To take care of your skin, get indoor tanning sessions in a suitable environment. So, it always advised that use the best indoor tanning lotions before you start your bed tanning session. Choosing the best indoor tanners depends on your skin type and what color you want after the tanning process.

What’s The Best Indoor Tanning Lotions?

It can be precarious to know indoor tanning lotions are suitable for your skin. The indoor tanning lotions available in the market contain essential vitamins and minerals which help your skin to shine splendidly. But, the question is how do you know which tanning product suit your skin? In the best indoor tanning lotions guide, I have done painstaking research about all types of indoor tanning lotions available in the market, so don’t waste time finding the best tanning lotion for yourself.

I will start with a short intro of each type of tanning lotion available in the market. So, you get to know what are the options available. Then I will move on what the pros and cons of each tanning lotion. So that you will be able to get the best indoor tanning lotion.

There are two main types of tanning lotions. One is Tinglers and the other is Bronzers. Both are similar when we look for moisturizers to make your skin flexible. Both are good for indoor tanning sessions as they produce the best result for skin tanning.


Tinglers are used to surge the tanning process. As they contain the elements which enhance the blood flow. So, this way, a stinging sensation produced in the body after application.  You feel like someone is burning your skin. With the passage of time, these tingler sensations start decreasing.  During this period, your skin color may be red for several hours but, will become normal after a few hours. You need to figure out your ability to resist the tingler session. Some people have more capacity but some have not. So, it depends on your level of tolerance.


Bronzers are used to produce a blush effect, so, your skin looks shiny. They contain skin conditioners that will work to enhance the skin softness and skin become smooth after tanning. Skin softness subject to how your skin reacts to bronzers. It may be different from person to person. Like your skin turn golden brown while the one on the next tanning bed, experience a yellow or orange tone. So you need to pass through an experiment so that you came to know about the results.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Let’s take a look at some of the best indoor tanning lotions available.

Top ProductsReview ScoreAmazon Price
New Solid Black Bronzer Millennium 100x9.8
Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden9.8
Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark9.7
Devoted Creations Bronzing9.5
Supre Snooki Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer9.7
Fiesta Sun Coconut Dream Ultra Dark9.5
Skin Loving Best Indoor9.6

New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion Millenium Tanning 100x

New solid black bronzer tanning bed lotion by millennium tanning contains the ultra advance silicone bronzer. This silicone bronzer is 100x in its quality and working. So, it enhances the probability to darken the skin more. It also contains tyrosine and melanin which are tan enhance. So, they work as auto darkening your skin even after a few days passed.  It has a very cool orchid blush smell.


  • 100x Auto-Darkening Technology
  • Auto Darkening After Tanning Session
  • 100x Faster
  • Doesn’t produce orange Streaks


  • May cause smudging due to silicone bronzer presence

best indoor tanning lotion picture


Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Bed Lotion

God created the coconut for nourishing our skin. So Ed Hardy uses coconut milk and coconut oil to make heaven formula in this coconut kisses golden tanning lotion. It will drench our skin to the extreme level of softness while its invigorating fragrance makes your whole day like a paradise day.


  • Very lightweight lotion
  • A deep effect to produce a dark tan
  • Easily absorbed by the skin


  • Doesn’t contain SPF
  • Doesn’t have bronzers that accelerate the dark tanning

the best indoor tanning lotion picture


Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Bed Lotion

Jwoww black bronzer indoor tanning bed lotion presented by Australian Gold. Produced by the combination of black currant oil, sunflower seed oil, and kukui nut oil to fasten the tanning process. It doesn’t contain tingle but still works best on areas where hard to tan. The natural bronzers used to produce the dark tanning effects and hemp seeds with vitamins will make your skin healthy and soft.


  • Easily absorbed by the skin due to the presence of natural ingredients and oils
  • Fast and dark tan production


  • Don’t have SPF
  • A bit expensive as compared to others

best indoor tanning lotion for fair skin picture


Devoted Creations Bronzing Tanning Bed Lotion

Devoted Creations comes with CC creme formula which overshadows your glow into rich bronze color. RevitaFitTM, Body FitTM, and Ideal LiftTM are anti-aging and antioxidant agents which will strengthen your skin by removing skin pigments like wrinkles, cellulite, rash lines. It contains natural bronzers which stimulate melanin production for faster results.


  • Flawlessly smooth DHA
  • Enhance melanin production so tan stay for a longer period
  • Make skin smoother and tighten
  • Antioxidant


  • Skin Patch test is recommended before use

best indoor tanning lotion with bronzer picture


Supre Snooki Tanning Lotion Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer

Snooki tanning lotion is enriched with vitamins that helps skin conditioning, environmental stress, and skin glowing effect. Having a bronzing blend of black walnut, DHA and Henna continue to make your skin darkening and penetrate deeply. Snooki is paraben free so it helps in skin toning, improving skin texture to look healthier glow.


  • Doesn’t have Parabens
  • Contains natural skincare ingredients like Black Walnut, Henna, Coconut, Sweet Almond Oil


  • Have DHA
  • Do a skin patch test before fully applied it

best indoor tanning lotion for face picture


Fiesta Sun Coconut Dream Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion with Clear Bronzers

Fiesta sun coconut dream tanner composite of natural plants like aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, and monoi de Tahiti oil. Combine effect of these will refreshen your skin and give you luscious tropical tan color. By imbibing your skin with ultra dark tanning lotion, your skin will be moisturized and produce and natural golden tan.


  • Produce tropical tan
  • Natural moisturizers like golden coconut oil, shea butter, Monoi de Tahiti oil, and aloe vera for a smooth skin


  • A bit like a liquid due to the presence of natural oils

best tanning lotion to get dark fast indoor picture

Skin Loving Best Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion

Just nutritive present a combination of kokum butter, hazelnut, avocado oils with a blend effect of aloe vera, coffee, noni, guava, and papaya to douse your skin to make it softer and smoother than before.

This tanning lotion doesn’t have bronzers because it contains all the other natural elements which work just like bronzers. No artificial color or fragrance, no mineral oil, and no sunscreen are used. Due to all natural elements, you can uses this for outdoor natural self-tanning lotion as well.


  • Maintain tan for a longer period
  • Produce healthy bronzed glow
  • Its formula is good for all skin types
  • Excellent choice for dry skin
  • Can also be used on a daily basis


  • You can use it for outdoor as well but it doesn’t contain SPF

best cheap indoor tanning lotion picture

Best indoor tanning lotion Tips

To do better best indoor tanning lotion, below are a few recommended tips

First, you need to know about your body skin type. How long and how frequently you should tan your skin depends on your skin type. For this purpose, you should undergo a skin patch test especially when you have sensitive skin. A skin patch test is recommended before you use any kind of skin product.

This will help you in avoiding allergic reactions and other skin problems. A skin product is a composite of different ingredients so if a single ingredient doesn’t match your skin. It may cause damage to your skin. Itching, burning, or hives are common skin problems caused by skin products. A patch test will help you to know is it suitable for you or not?

Always get recommendations from your beauty expert and make a schedule for tanning sessions. Interval of these sessions depends on your skin type and behavior your whole body. So, always get advice before you start self-tanning.

Before you actually start the tanning session, prepare your skin for tanning. Without preparation, your skin will produce the expected results and it may cause a disturbance in some cases. Always use a scrub or any other exfoliation cream to remove the dead skin. Do a shave or use wax on all body hairs to eliminate them before you start to tan.

It is recommended to wear undergarments or bathing suits when you are getting tanning bed sessions. Some people don’t wear anything but it really depends on skin tolerance. Remove all the jewelry and makeup from your face. If you are pregnant then you must hide your belly to avoid any hustle in the future.

Always wear eye protection goggles while tanning. The UV rays emitting from the tanning device may cause night blindness if you don’t protect your eyes.

Don’t use any kind of deodorant or perfumes before tanning. If so, then wash them first. They may lead your skin to become sensitive to UV rays.

Give full exposure to your skin while tanning. Move your body parts to get them under the UV rays. You need to be careful to expose each body part evenly so that you get an even tan on all body parts.

Don’t take shower immediately after tanning. Wait for at least 5-6 hours so that skin melanin fully vitalize. After 5-6 hours, only take a light shower to wash any excessive amount to lotion or if you feel itching.

After getting the tan session, when you have all done, use a moisturizer to avoid any kind of drying or cracking on your body.

Why Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Before Tanning Session?

Best indoor tanning lotion are recommended to use before you proceed to a tanning session. There are few reasons for which it is necessary to use a tanning lotion

Tanning session will dry up your skin. So you if you don’t use an indoor tanning lotion, cracks will emerge on your skin due to drying. An indoor tanning lotion will moisturize your skin.

These lotions will speed up the tanning process by accelerating the UV light.

Very few chances of getting wrinkles from tanning if you use tanning lotions. These will also protect your skin from burning during tanning.

After getting done with tanning, they will continue to enhance tanning.

They have a pleasant fragrance so they will fade out the tanning smell.

Can You Use Regular Tanning Lotion In A Tanning Bed?

Keep in mind that regular suntan lotions are entirely different from best indoor tanning lotion. Both have different purposes.

Outdoor tanning lotions contain sunscreen and SPF. So they protect your skin from UV rays.

Best indoor tanning lotion are manufactured to give you limited exposure to UV rays with controlled conditions. This way, you will get faster and darker colors instead of spending hours in the sunshine. However, you should not confuse them with sunscreen lotions since they don’t offer sun protection.

Indoor self-tanners will dye your skin for a month or two.

Protecting Your Tan

A tan cannot remain for life. Maximum time is one month for a good tan. So you only protect it for a longer period by taking some precautions.

Avoid any harsh activities like exercises and running. These activities cause sweating which results in the burning fat and removal of tan skin.

Only take shower when it’s necessary. Taking excessive showers will remove the tan skin. It is best to take shower with normal water. Not so hor or too cold.

Don’t use scrubs or exfoliating creams at least for two weeks after tanning.

Don’t use soaps or any chemical material like that on your skin. Always prefer to use body wash or mild soap.

A moisturizer will keep your skin wetted so daily use a moisturizer on all the skin to slow down the fading process.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions For Fair Skin

The difference between dark and fair skin is the amount of melanin. Women with fair skin have less amount of melanin compared to dark color. Melanin also protects from radiation effect and UV rays. So, they are more susceptible to burning. So, you should tan with lotion suitable for fair skin. Don’t feel inferior if you fair skin color and start harming yourself to achieve a dark tan.

Tanning process for fair skin is a little different than women with a dark color. For fair skin, you need to start with lotion which doesn’t have harsh bronzers. Best indoor tanning lotion with natural elements like I mentioned above are best t start with. This will help your body used to with them. Then, gradually you can move on. Its also recommended that always get advised the beauty salon experts near you.

If you are going to use tan your skin first time then always consult with your skin expert about the all the precautions mentioned above. The first time, it can be an itching and boring process. But, when you used to it, you will love it, especially before you attend any event.

Use of best indoor tanning lotion will accelerate the tanning and produce a deep dark tan. Best indoor tanning lotion come under intelligent tanning. Bronzers lotions are a way to get the perfect tan and look gorgeous without doing anything extraordinary.

Best indoor tanning lotion on tanning beds is effective because we did it by creating suitable conditions. It produces the same amount of UV-A and UV-B rays to enhance the production of melanin. This will fasten the tanning without damaging your skin. It will also save lots of time as compare to suntanning which also cause skin damage

I have mentioned all the factors which affect the tanning process and guide you in detail about best indoor tanning lotion. This will help you with how you can overcome tanning problems and make it more effective. So that it doesn’t look too overwhelmed for you when you have undergone tanning first time.

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