The Best Jeans for Pear Shaped Bodies in 2021

Pears, apples, hourglasses – no matter what you call your shape, finding jeans that fit can be a challenge. The good news is there are plenty of brands out there who specialize in designing best jeans for pear shaped bodies for pear shaped bodies! In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people who are pear shaped. 

The best jeans for pear shaped bodies are those that flatter your shape and make you feel good about yourself. They should be fitted at the waist with extra room at the hips to prevent panty lines. 

To help you find your perfect pair of jeans, we have created an easy guide that will walk you through all aspects of choosing a great fitting pair!

Before starting, we would like to give you some crucial tips before doing the shopping for your beautiful pear shaped body :

A) You should buy jeans that have a waist size between 28 and 29.

B) The best length for pear shaped women is about 30 inches because they are not too short but are also not long enough to create any unflattering bulges around the ankles or calves

C) Jeans with stretchy materials will be more comfortable

D) You can also buy jeans with a looser fit around the hip and thighs to make them appear smaller.

 The best jeans for pear shaped women are the ones that accentuate your hips and not your waist. That is why we have prepared for you a list of the best jeans for pear shaped bodies for your pear body shape that will make you look sexy and confident ! You have our word.

We will start by revealing to you our little secret :

Perfect Style Of Jeans For Pear Shaped Body Is Boot Cut

1. The best jeans for pear shaped bodies body are boot cut. Pear shapes should always keep their legs covered, as this will help make the bottom of your shape look more proportional. This is because most people have longer torsos than shorter legs, and when you cover up those skinny looking legs it makes them appear to be more proportionate with your frame!

Since they’re called “boot cuts” we want to pass on some style tips that work well with these jeans:

  • Pair them with a fitted top or dressy blouse and heels – perfect date night outfit!
  • Dress it down by pairing these jeans with flats and sneakers – perfect day at the office attire!

 Indeed, The boot cut is a flattering style because it elongates your legs, giving them an illusion of being slimmer than they actually are, which is great for pear shapes that have thicker thighs. Here are two best jeans for pear shaped bodies brands for you !

  • AG Adriano Goldschmied (so comfy!) and AG Adriano Goldschmied is a good option for curvy girls. They offer a variety of different cuts, from boot cut to straight leg jeans with many waist sizes and lengths available too!

Best jeans for pear shaped bodies picture


  • Lucky Brand Lovesick Leggings Jean is a good option because they have a side-zip for easy on and off, they are high rise so you don’t have to worry about them falling down, and the stretchy fabric is not too tight around your thighs.

Jeans for pear shaped bodies picture


2. Low rise best jeans for pear shaped bodies are a good option for numerous reasons. Firstly, they are meant to sit lower on the hips so that a woman’s curves can be accentuated. Secondly, low rise jeans also come in different styles such as flared, straight leg or bootcut which provide more coverage of your thighs and rear for those with fuller figures.

Low rise jeans also work well on most body shapes because they show off more curves in the hips and thighs. They give the illusion of curves in the hips and thighs which makes you feel sexy

  • J Brand Denim they have a great variety of different sizes and styles. I love their Stretch Selvedge Denim Jeans because they’re not only comfortable, but also look fabulous! However, it is a bit pricey.

Best jeans for pear shape picture


  • Joe’s Jeans. They come in sizes 00-16 and they have a wide range of washes and fits!

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 3. Wide Leg Jeans are a good option because they are flattering on most body shapes.

Wide leg jeans can be worn by people with a pear shape or an apple shape and are usually made from stretchy denim which is more comfortable than non-stretch denim. The wide legs make your hips look wider, while the rise will depend on what you’re wearing it for

Wide Leg best jeans for pear shaped bodies are perfect for a pear shaped body. They are created specifically to flatter your curves and cover up any unwanted areas you may be self-conscious about. The best part? Wide leg jeans come in all lengths, from ankle length to full length!

As for the material, we really like denim if it’s not too heavy or too thin because of my heat intolerance. But there are also options with stretchy materials which can give some more room around the waistline since most pants these days seem to have slimming features built into them.

The last thing we  want is uncomfortable fabric rubbing against sensitive parts on those extra hot summer days so thankfully most wide leg jeans will usually offer either cotton or airy linen as an option that won’t cling.

  • Levi’s

Girls jeans picture


  • American Eagle Outfitters

Slim jeans picture

  •  AG Jeans.

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4. Skinny the best jeans for pear shaped bodies are a great option because they give you the illusion of a slimmer waist. Also, they are your best bet for showing off those great curves in the hips and thighs. However, many of these jeans can be too tight in the waist or around the hips which might create muffin tops and make it hard for you to move comfortably. Plus, skinny jeans are not always as comfortable on larger thighs because they tend to tug at the fabric near your knees.

  • Levis Strauss and CO: These are one the best skinny jeans that will perfectly shape your curves and make you look incredibly sexy and confident. The only drawback would be the price, yet it is totally worth it as they are of great quality and last for long.

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Here is an extra list that will surely match your pear body shape :

  • Rock & Republic The Skinny Jean in Black (a favorite of Kate Middleton!)

Womens jeans picture


  • Lucky Brand Contessa Ankle Jeans

Cheap jeans picture


  • KUT from the Kloth Lissa Bootcut Jean, available up to size 20 and in a variety of colors!

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  • Levi’s Curvy Collection Plus Size Denim Straight Leg its best jeans for pear shaped bodies with an ultra high waist for lifting your rear end. They come in sizes 16W – 33W and are offered online only.

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Our Verdict

We believe that for a woman to look fabulous, confident, and attractive she needs to know her body shape. Then, she will need to wear clothes accordingly to feel comfortable and good in her skin.

 If there is a piece of cloth that everyone has : it is the best jeans for pear shaped bodies and to look irresistible in a Jeans, you need to follow our tips. 

An extra tip is that : Paired with some wedges or heels you’ll be rocking them all summer long! Are you ready to look « Peary » beautiful ? Yes !

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