Best Lightweight Camping Cot (January 2020)

We are always here to provide you information about easy and comfortable camping cots because our aim is to provide you information about the best things so that you can able to buy superior things rather than inferior. Here we are going to discuss the 10 best lightweight camping cots. A camping cot, also known as a camping bed, is a portable, lightweight and small bed that is used for situations when larger and proper beds are not available or cannot be used. The main reason for using this type of bed is its portability and compactness.

Camping cots are most popularly used by armies or organizations in emergency situations, for tourism and where there is a need to quickly provide for the victims of a natural disaster or catastrophe. Camping cots generally have a lightweight and a folding metal or wood frame, which is covered with linen, canvas or even with nylon.

The first camping cots were used by the Roman Army. Then, during the Soviet period, the use of the camping cots increased due to the lack of housing and as a result, camping cots became an iconic and irreplaceable part of Soviet life.

Best Lightweight Camping Cots

People choose different ways to sleep when they are out camping. One of the most popular options is the best lightweight camping cot. They are able to raise the user off the ground and in a more comfortable position in a tent. They can be set up very easily and are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles. Although camping cots would obviously not be able to replace the comfortable feel of your bed, they give the best possible option for you to sleep on during your camping trips.

Teton Sports XXL

Teton Sports XXL cot possesses a huge capacity of weight. Its original S-leg steel design provides support to carry out unexpectedly weight. You can use it easily for hunting and camping purposes, besides it, it is perfect to use as a bed at your base camp. It has also folding capacity, which is beneficial for transport. A free storage bag included, that can accommodate huge luggage.

Why did we recommend you to buy Teton Sports XXL?


  • Size is its best aspect. It is larger than a twin bed and supports up to 600 pounds easily.
  • It is not the most portable cot due to its size. Even when the cot is folded up, it takes up a lot of room.
  • It requires only one person to set up.
  • Variety of colors according to your desire, as long as it is black.
  • It is compatible with other Teton products and possesses additional features.

Helinox Cot Lite

Helinox Cot Lite is best for sleeping if you are backpacking or just out for some days of the camping trip. It provides you best sleeping experience on hard ground and in cold weather.


  • Due to strong fabric and durable DAC aluminum construction, this lightweight tool can support up to 265 pounds
  • Easy to assembled and require a little area for storage
  • Strong bag with zipper closure included
  • Its 4 or 3 legs (some cot contain 4 or some contain 3 legs) presses fit in to create a tensioned surface when closed
    UV and weather resistant
  • Provide a 5-year warranty

Therm-a-Rest Ultralite Cot

The unique and comfortable Ultralite cot comes in two different sizes: large and regular. You can stash this cot your car and on hard grounds and can enjoy sleeping. It takes just a minute to assemble this cot. It is named as Therm-a-Rest Ultralite cot because its ThermaCapture construction retains the body heat.


  • Lightest in weight
  • Simple and compact design fits easily in the included carry bag
  • It is best to use for camping and backpacking
  • Nylon laminate material is used for its construction which is waterproof and won’t stretch
  • This Ultralite cot does not take up more space than a beach blanket
  • A unique green shade is used for bed fabric, which makes it attractive

REI Co-op Camp Folding Cot

REI Co-op Camp Folding Cot is manufactured with aluminum and steel, that delivers extraordinary strength and can’t damage up to years of use.


  • This cot is made with water-resistant polyester fabric, light in weight but strong enough
  • Best use for camping purposes
  • Its weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • It is folded easily for convenient transport
  • REI Co-op Camp folding cot’s twist knob sets multiposition back

Eureka Camping Cot

Eureka Camping Cot is best for providing you relief like a bed to the campground. You can get a restful night’s sleep while enjoying the great outdoors. Eureka Camping Cot is more in length and width than a twin mattress. Its length is XL. It is light in weight but its specification is that it can support 136 kg because it is durable.


  • Eureka Camping Cot is constructed from aluminum and steel
  • The aluminum coated frame is strong but lightweight
  • It contains a zippered pocket for stashing items
  • Eureka Camping Cot includes a carry bag for easy transport and storehouse
  • Assembles quickly
  • It is oversized for sleeping comfort
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty

Coleman Cot With Side Table

Coleman Cot is specially designed to provide peaceful sleeping accommodations during the camping trip. It is equipped with a convenient removable side table, where you can keep newspaper, drinks and other personal items. This cot is ideal for sitting and sleeping.


  • This cot has a versatile design and can be used indoors or outdoors
  • The durable steel frame can support up to 300 pounds and unfolds easily
  • Coleman cot includes a carrying bag for easy transport and storehouse
  • Side tables with cup holders are built for your easiness so that you can keep your personal items near.
  • It is the unique feature of Coleman cot that it can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 6 inches in height
  • This camping cot easily fits inside most car trunks and is easy to transport

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot

If your space is limited, but you still want comfort then you must try the lightweight ALPS Mountaineering Cot. When it set up, is big enough to sleep comfortably. It is constructed with a strong steel frame that supports up to a 250-pound camper.


  • Included a carry bag that helps for easy transport and storage
  • The durable steel frame sure to provide a long-lasting use
  • This cot is comfortable and stable because it is made up of 600D polyester fabric
  • Waterproof and weather and UV resistant
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • It can be brought anywhere due to its small size and lightweight

World Outdoor Products Military Style Cot

As it is appearing from its name, so this is a military type cot. The frame and the bed deck are attached to each other, which make it easy to assemble. It is best for camping, hunting, and fishing purposes but you can also use it as an emergency bad at home in case of rush of people.


  • Lightest in weight
  • Aluminum frame material is used for its construction
  • Steel frame provides durability by forcing legs inside
  • Flexible structure
  • Suitable and reliable for even (6 feet) tall people
  • Weight capacity is 136kg
  • Reasonable price

Byer of Maine Easy Cot

This cot is as simple as its name, really easy to store and set up. The Easy Cot is ideal for hunting and camping and also can be used as an indoor guest bed. It comes in the market with a travel bag.


  • The Byer of Maine Easy cot includes welded steel legs, that provides support
  • Constructed with 600 denier polyester and multiple fabric
  • Very easy to set up and pack down
  • Light in weight
  • Tan and blue attractive color
  • Maximum weight capacity is 325 pounds
  • Large length for taller people
  • Extra width and great size

Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot

Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot provides you comfortable rest to that of a bed on hard grounds.


  • Weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • Its coil suspension system provides support
  • It is large enough to accommodate taller people up to 6 feet 6 inches in height
  • Durable steel frame
  • Its versatile design fits easily into most car trunks when it is folded
  • Lightweight
  • Assemble in just a minute
  • Best for hunting, camping, and fishing purposes
  • Spring construction and lined foam pad for bed-like feel at camp
  • Backed by one year warranty
  • Reasonable price

What to Consider When Choosing a Camping Cot

As mentioned already, camping cots have been around for a long time now, so there have been variations in their style, design, and construction over the years. If you decide to invest in one, you would be faced with various types, styles, and sizes. Hence, there are many things you must consider before you decide on one. You must pay attention to the details so that you get exactly what you are looking for.


If the frame of the camping cot is made of heavy-duty steel, you can rest assured that it will offer the greatest support and will be durable in nature. There are also the new aluminum alloy frames, which are stout but weigh less and may be a better option for those who are more into backpacking and cannot carry the weight of steel.

Legs of the Camping Cot

The legs of the camping cots are typical of no less important than the frame. Most leg designs are straight, X-style, or C-shaped which can be installed both lengthways and broadways. These types deliver good stability and durability.

In a few camping cots, the legs may not be locked when you are setting up the cot, which can mean that it can collapse if you move it around or put too much weight on it. However, this doesn’t mean cots with such legs are not durable at all. You just need to make sure to get one whose legs are sturdy.

Another feature worth considering is the plastic or rubber caps on the end of the legs. These caps make sure the legs of the camping cot do not damage the floor of the tent or create scratches on the floor of your house.


Some of the camping cots are made with cotton fabric, while others are made of durable nylon that is much lighter in weight. It can surely make a lot of difference when you are sleeping in your camping cot.

If you plan to use your camping cot outside or without a tent, you must get a cot that comes with a water-resistant covering so that you can sleep comfortably. It will help keep you warm and dry. For such a situation, camping cots which have a mesh bottom are also ideal, especially for rain. They would also allow you to lie face down and breathe easily through the mesh if you are in the outdoors.

Support and Comfort

While some camping cots have a firmer base, others give more stretch. Generally, a firmer base means better back support, but a more stretchable fabric will offer more comfort. How comfortable a camping cot is for you (and, subsequently, your choice) depends on the condition of your spine and how you like to sleep. Whether you prefer to sleep on a soft bed or a hard one will determine your choice. Camping cots are available with thin padding or with extra cushion. You can also go for a cot that offers coil support.


Most camping cots which are made for backpackers are generally less expensive than those which are more durable and thicker and are used for semi-permanent campsites. The luxurious ones will obviously cost more than a basic hiking or camping cot, but for those who have a back or spinal problem, the high price tag is surely worth it. Moreover, if you are an avid camper, paying a little extra for better quality and more durable camping cot would be a good idea, as it would surely last you for more than just a couple of seasons.

Ease of Assembly and Portability

If you are going to use the camping cot for a base camp and are going to stay there for a while, you can go for heavier models of camping cots. For such a situation, portability won’t be as necessary as durability.

On the other hand, if you are planning to go hiking or backpacking, you would obviously prefer to use more lightweight models, which can be easily carried around and should be portable enough.

Again, you would have to consider how you plan to use the camping cot, how long it will be used for, what purpose it will be used for and whether you need to consider its portability. This will also help you choose the type of assembly of the cot. The more durable and stronger the camping cot is, the more time it would take to be assembled. The more portable and lightweight ones could generally be more easily assembled.

Weight and Size

You must check the dimensions of the camping cot before you purchase it to make sure it is big and wide enough for you to use. The most comfortable one should be long enough to fit your whole body quite easily with some space to spare. You must also check the maximum weight load it can accommodate and make sure that is higher than your weight before buying the cot.

Other Features to Consider

Apart from these important features, you can also consider other features. For example, you can look for a camping cot with a padded or elevated head end if you want such a feature. There are also some camping cots that include removable side tables as well as cup holders. Moreover, some camping cots even include storage bags. These additional features can add value to your experience without much extra cost. These are extra features which may not be important to many people but are to some.

Benefits of Using Best Lightweight Camping Cots

There are many obvious benefits to be gained from using camping cots, which make them worth the money.

High Level of Comfort

Sleeping outdoors wouldn’t be much of a problem with a wide variety of camping cots available to choose from. Everyone can find a model that is unique and suitable for them. The compactness of the camping cot does not mean it is going to be uncomfortable. You can always pick and choose a style that you like. Whether you are tall, thin, short or overweight, you can find a design that will work for you as camping cots are available in all sizes, dimensions, widths, and materials.

Compact Enough for Tents

When you are sleeping inside a tent on your outdoor trips, you obviously cannot carry your comfortable queen-sized bed with you. You can, however, get yourself a nice and warm camping cot that can easily fit in your tent. Some camping cots even offer an inflatable mattress if you are looking for added comfort. Why sleep on the floor when you have the option of sleeping on a comfortable compact bed inside your tent?

Ideal as Spare Beds

Having a camping cot at home can be quite a blessing when you have guests over who are staying the night. The camping cot can be used inside your home as a spare bed if there is a need since it can be folded, unlike an extra bed which will end up taking too much space. Once your guests are gone, you can simply fold it up and put it away!

Keeps You Off the Ground

When you are sleeping in the outdoors, there are generally two major dangers: insects and the cold weather. Even if you have a mattress to sleep on the ground, you cannot be sure that it would protect you enough from the insects or cold. Most mattresses will end up cooling down because of the close proximity to the cold floor. Moreover, insects may climb into the mattress and can cause an unpleasant experience and prove to be dangerous for your health.

Since the camping cot is raised from the ground, it helps protect the user against the cold from the ground and the insects, which would not be able to crawl into your bed far above the ground.

The Downside of Using Camping Cots

  • There are many models of camping cots which may be much heavier than standard air mattresses and make walking long distances with them a nightmare.
  • There is space under the camping cots, which is used for allowing air circulation to keep the user nice and cool. This can, however, backfire in the colder months.
  • The camping cots may not be as comfortable as using air mattresses.
  • The weight and size of a camping cot may be quite impractical for longer hiking trips.

Do You Really Need Best Lightweight Camping Cot?

Are you tired of having to tough it out on your camping or hiking trips? Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night while sleeping on the ground, feeling sore and stiff? The best thing about using a camping cot is that it allows you to sleep off the ground, which can be cold and hard and keeps you safe from the wildlife such as insects or even snakes.

Nowadays, camping cots have become very affordable and are made with high-quality materials that provide great support, comfort, and ease. If you are a person who loves outdoor escapades but want to be a bit comfortable during them, camping cots are a must-have for you. It is the best thing to save you from the discomfort of the outdoors, and you can finally have a good night’s sleep after a long day of being out and about.


Going to outdoor excursions should not be uncomfortable or tiring. After all, what is the point of going away from home for a weekend and coming back exhausted? Whether you are out hiking or camping, you can enjoy your time relaxing and doing all the activities you want and still end up sleeping peacefully in the comfort of a bed!

Thanks to the concept of best lightweight camping cots, which are compact and portable and can be folded, you can enjoy all outdoor experiences with great comfort and ease. Moreover, camping cots would not go to waste even if you are an occasional camper. They can always be put away and stored for the occasional use and can also be used as an extra or spare bed in case there is a need. If you invest in a high-quality and durable camping cot, it will surely last for years and keep benefiting you on all your outdoor excursions!