Best Smartwatch Under 50 2019

Are you looking for a smartwatch to track your health major step six cetera? You just want to spend over a hundred dollars or more like seventies again up to four hundred or three hundred dollars well stay tuned I’m to show you the best smartwatch under 50.

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I feel like we can all.

Read the back of a box of the spec sheet or maybe you’re already interested in the product or know about it but you want to see is it worth your money so what I’ll be doing is mostly focusing on the product showing a little bit and give you my full one how to present pinion about the panic if it’s worth it or if you just socks so if you think it’s a good idea deathly calm I double down below and let me know.


Your best sent me one other smartwatches which is number one after eighteen actually model as eighteen smart watch and I was actually pretty blown away with it.

Especially because of the price.

Which is underneath forty dollars.

The first week all the bad when taking the watch out of the box it was not made of any type of cheap materials at all watch is actually made out of steel which is great because it gives the watch more protection.

And strength.

No one from the watch body feels great on it doesn’t stick around it doesn’t pull any hears on like my arm range like that it actually feels really light doesn’t feel heavy at all and on this here I have my Sampson watch this is the cure S. three watch in actually this one feels a lot lighter than my stamps and watch now the resolution of the FAA take this two hundred forty two or forty pixels and a picture quality is pretty nice not a whole lot going on the main screen which is nice because it’s nice and just a very simple to the are discrete is TFT which stands for.
Them film transistor it’s a type of LCD flat panel display screen in which each pixel control from one or four transistors you see this a lot on LCD screens and other type of like touch screens and also guys on the watcher here it is touch screen so that’s kind of a plus for this watch now on to the back of the watch you have a little area to charge the watch which is magnetic then just beneath that you have your heart rate monitor this does have a built in three hundred fifty million power battery.

And charging it only takes about an hour and a half and if it if it’s in standby mode it’s supposed to go up to twenty five days.

Now get this guy’s life.

When I first got out of the box.

Did charge full charge out of it and I have not charges sense and I use it during running I have GPS running except I just been using it constantly and I still have more than half the battery to go in so it’s definitely doing really good job of keeping up to twenty five days of a full charge but like I said.

That’s when standby mode.

I’m still use it when I walk around with it.

And they did say if the GPS is.


The system that the watch is only supposed to be you know going for about ten hours and I think so far it’s six exceeded that time ourselves so far I get a plus that watch on the back also guys do not that this watch is compatible with android and iOS which is a plus and also this does have multiple languages for people around the world are soaring ordered one faction initially the menus really quickly everything’s pretty common sense on just to make it pretty quick this top Andre here’s basically and terror now this one’s going to the next page next after and this is going to the previous page.

So we go and here here’s your main screen time date you got your steps on how much calories you burn your heart rate on the main menu all the steps this is where you can actually view the slip on you’ll be able to see how many steps you don how far you’ve gone.

If you go to maximize your health which is to show your heart rate.

If you go over to this one uses your messages where you can just see your notifications like from text messages you know from the social media accounts etcetera.

This one here’s a compass this is a live compass if you’re going camping the center here is actual size if you go here you got a lot of good information for exercise so if I select the right here you have been walking and running yeah climbing cycling swimming you just have a lot of good stuff in here policy is different is football in America for both different obviously because it’s made enough progress on other side of the world so I wish they could changes or maybe have more options on this so.

So the next.

So back here you got a lot of the stuff in the exercise.

You go to next one yeah that.

There’s three different.

Menus or watch faces that you can choose from.

You go to settings there’s a lot of information here so if you go to GPS the first one is a GPS which is pretty cool about this much three three have GPS which is US forces to put everybody uses if you go to this horses GPS colonus well actually this is.

Is a Russian.

Version of GPS which uses twenty four satellites just like the US GPS.

On two guys this was actually use for the military but they made it available for civilians as well to use it back and you know it was started back in two thousand seven.

So that was pretty cool and then you have the next one which is.

Right here.

GPS I think.

Do you do I think it’s I think it’s I think that’s a set but basically this is the Chinese on satellite navigation system which only use a sixteen satellites Alaska menu the service mostly the Asia Pacific region I did hear they are going to expand to thirty settlers by twenty twenty and this one is pretty accurate and they’re trying compete against the US but mostly right now the most accurate.

It’s just the youth of the U. S. U. P..

The rain here you ever vibration then also your sound and then you can change the brightness of the screen you can reset the whole watch and you get all follow as well for the firmware version except they were back to menu menu so it’s pretty simple and like I said it’s pretty common sense.

Yeah a lot of your information from this watch which I really really enjoy just like you guys are because there is a swimming option this watch is waterproof this does have the waterproof rating of IP sixty eight which this watching go on to one point five meters for thirty minutes which is a plus that’s the same as the same to watch that I have so now off to the pros cons and is it worth it our restaurant pros the first thing I really like is the battery life the battery life is definitely I really I’m really he’s a better life and how long it’s lasted only charge once and I have not charge ever since then I’ve use it or running with the GPS Sarasota better left yeah two thumbs up the second one is going to be the accuracy of using it one like during my miles when I like doing my.


It’s done a really good job with the acting was only off by like two little numbers like for the calories in the status etcetera base what I did is I did the same thing right here on one hand and on the on the other hand and I just want around and then when I got back.
I compared it and they were really that this was really close to Sam to watch so that Chrissy I give it a plus on that the only one we do is also the the options that you have inside your watches south like the different types of exercises.

The walking.
Decline meaning you know running cycling swimming.

Except I think that’s pretty cool.

I just wish that they may be added some more sports the expression from Americans or just somehow maybe try by then I think that’s a pretty good thing.

So I definitely pro.

The the the next one I really do like is the water.

I think that’s really good special because if you do the swimming.

That be kind of weird.

But it does have you know like I said.

IP sixty eight rating bushing go to one point five meters for thirty minutes thirty minutes which is the same as the same somewhat.
So in also one of the closest office under forty dollars.

Now on to the concept of the only thing I have with the con is actually just after I was telling you about earlier that it’s running in the background I don’t really like that which can easily be fixed with a soft rock day Honda you know the app itself I don’t like the fact that if I hit the back button to go back to home screen or just hit the close all apps it’s still wanted back on I have to physically go to the app.

And hit force stop to get it to stop or stop running in the background I think a lot of people look at that and will kind of like and I don’t really want that but like I said that can be easily be changed just by like probably a software update on that but that’s really the only con a hand with it.

And everything else I’m very pleased.

With this watch.

Now off to is it worth it.

Do I think so yes I definitely think so because one is.

Under forty dollars and you get a lot of good stuff with the value life is great.

The accuracy is really good.

In Santa watch you get the water proof.


you get all the options inside the the watch itself.

So I don’t think giving a thumbs up like I said there’s only one time which can.

Easily be fixed so if somebody’s looking for watch that’s under fifty box I don’t wanna spend one fifty or a hundred dollars or even upwards on my dentist suggests this watch.

Anyone else want to track.

Exercise exile so I definitely give it a.

Three guys go there is the number one after eighteen smart watch you.

Smartwatches have become an important smartphone accessory for most people. They can obviously tell time, but they can also convey important notifications that can be easily seen on your wrist without any hassle. Moreover, smartwatches can perform many other tasks as well, such as enabling you to search on the internet with your voice, letting you pay your bills, tracking your workout, and even answering your calls without picking up your phone!

Not only do smartwatches do all of the above and provide the utmost convenience to the user, but they are also quite elegant and sleek to wear instead of being a geeky accessory.

What Exactly Are Smartwatches?

You might be living under a rock if you have not heard of a smartwatch yet. It can be best described as a wearable computing device with a touchscreen that is worn like a wristwatch.

It has been around for some time now and has evolved to include various features and functions. Initially, the basic models could only perform basic tasks such as calculations, translations, telling time and playing games.

Now, smartwatches have features that are closer to smartphones, which include various applications and Bluetooth connectivity. Some smartwatches also function as a radio and play back digital audio and video files through a USB headset or Bluetooth. In fact, some smartwatches, known as watch phones, may even have complete functions found in a smartphone and use the LTE technology.

Most smartwatches have rechargeable batteries and a backlit LCD, hologram or OLED display. The peripheral devices included with them can consist of thermometers, digital cameras, barometers, SD cards, heart rate monitors and so on. The software can include schedulers, digital maps, calculators, personal organizers and more.

Choosing the Right Smartwatch

It can get quite confusing when you venture out to buy a new smartwatch. With so many options available, you might not be able to decide whether you should get the one that looks the best or one that has the most functions. There are, however, certain features that all smartwatches should have and prove to be incredibly useful.

Basic Features

In order for a smartwatch to be actually considered a watch, it should be able to tell time. Apart from that, when it comes to features, the choice is quite wide. The best-selling watches from big names like Samsung, Apple, and Fitbit are generally miniature phones that you can wear on your wrist. They are able to run mini apps and give you a form of remote control for your smartphone, which includes many facilities such as tracking your exercises, making phone calls or even storing music.

On the other hand, there are also watches that are fitness devices and have a display. They are focused mainly on logging on the steps you take and other physical activities you would want to record along with the standard smartwatch features. While these devices tell time and show notifications from your smartphone, there are limited features related to your smartphone and eventually, you will need to pull out your smartphone. However, these devices cost much less than smartwatches.

Types of Smartwatches

Many people may not be aware of this, but there are different types of smartwatches available in the market. The main purpose of these smartwatches varies with their functionality and the features offered by these devices.

Generally, aesthetics or design does not have much to do with the type of watch. For instance, fitness trackers have many different designs, and the only thing that makes them similar is that they all offer health tracking tools for people on the go.

Some smartwatches operate as a companion to your smartphone. They can be paired through Bluetooth and deliver alerts and notifications to your wrist.

There are other standalone smartwatches as well, where the user can send and receive phone calls, text messages and more without having a tethered phone.

The concept, design and functions of a smartwatch are always changing, and companies manufacturing smartwatches are always coming up with different and unique features. You might even find a hybrid between the different types.

Smartwatch Options

Apple Watch

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but according to the general consensus, the Apple Watch is one of the best. It syncs flawlessly with the iPhone and has a variety of mini apps that can easily be used on your smartwatch, from fitness tracking to social media.

The Apple Watch may be used for looking up or saving calendar events, listening to music, sending messages, chatting with Siri or simply to push yourself toward your fitness goals. It also acts as a remote shutter for the camera on your iPhone, and you can make and receive phone calls through your smartwatch, provided that your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi and is nearby.

The latest model is equipped with a built-in GPS, is water resistant to 50 yards and offers a heart rate monitor. The only downside is that you need an iPhone to work with your smartwatch.

Android Wear

These are basically the Google alternative to the Apple Watch. Android Wear smartwatches are made with a few manufacturing partners such as LG and Huawei and are equipped with similar features as the Apple Watch. These smartwatches, however, are more flexible than the Apple Watch as they can work with Android phones as well as iPhones. However, only those devices that run on Android Wear 2.0 can work with iPhones and that too with limited functionality.

Android Wear watches includes all of the major functions and features of a smartwatch such as sending and receiving messages, tracking fitness goals and activities through Google Fit, recording your location, listening to music, and talking to the Google Assistant. Some of these devices may also include an LTE/4G option with a mini SIM slot, which means you can make and receive phone calls without even connecting to a phone!

Just like with Android phones, there is a large variety of Android Wear choices that you can choose from. The prices are also generally below lower than that of the Apple Watch.

Samsung Tizen

While Samsung used to make Android Wear smartwatches, it has now introduced its own operating system known as “Tizen” for smartwatches and other devices. This company makes great wearables and its devices work quite well with both iOS and Android phones.

The Tizen smartwatch is not too great in terms of the interface when compared with the Android Wear watches or the Apple Watch, but when it comes to features, it is just as good. With the Tizen smartwatch, you can easily view your calendar, track your activities, listen to songs, get notifications and even make calls if you are using the SIM-enabled smartwatch model. You cannot, however, reply to messages straight from your wrist as you can with the Apple Watch.

Fitbit Wearables

Fitbit is yet another well-known name when it comes to smartwatches. Its first addition, the Fitbit Blaze, is a unique model for smartwatch enthusiasts. Similar to the Tizen smartwatch, the Fitbit Blaze is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones, making it a good option for those who want to switch between OSes.

It is equipped with all the basic and necessary smartwatch options that you may require such as notifications, music controls, fitness tracking, and calendar updates. However, there are still quite a few features missing on this device, which are available on rival smartwatches. It has no voice-controlled smart assistant, and there is no way to run the mini apps directly on the smartwatch like you can on Android Wear watches and Apple Watch. The price is, however, more affordable than the rivals and being a Fitbit, its fitness features are excellent.

Buying a Smartwatch

Once you have decided to buy yourself a smartwatch, you should consider what you want the smartwatch to do. You might want it to be fitness-oriented, or you might be looking for something that can perform basic smartwatch tasks like allow you to view notifications, let you text from your wrist and offer a smart assistant. Different smartwatches excel at different things, so your choice will depend on your priorities.

You must consider why you are buying the smartwatch. Is it simply to tell time? Or do you like it because it looks great? You may be buying it to play games on your morning commute or have access to your messages while you are working out. For everyone, the motive for buying or using a smartwatch is different, so your choice will differ from others.

Quick Tips and Considerations

When getting a smartwatch for the first time, there are various tips and considerations which you must keep in mind that can help you make the right decision.

  • Most smartwatches are made to serve as companions for a particular type of smartphone or device. Thus, compatibility is very important. You should not buy a smartwatch without confirming whether it will work with your smartphone. You do not want to end up wasting your hard-earned money on something that won’t even work with your current devices.
  • Battery life is very important. Make sure you check the rated battery when buying a smartwatch.
  • Check the watch’s band or buckle for how easy it is to use and swap. This is also important for being able to pair it up with many different looks or outfits that you may want to wear. You should also consider whether you would be comfortable wearing such a band or clasp.

Pros and Cons of Using a Smartwatch


  • The primary function of the watch is to tell the time, but when it comes to smartwatches, one of the most important functions they have is to show notifications and give the user quick and easy access to them.
  • When you are wearing a smartwatch, you have the option of never missing a phone call. Whether you want to take the call or not, you can still have a look at who is calling you without fumbling about with your phone. If you think the call is important, you can easily receive it. It is useful when you are driving, riding a motorcycle, running or working out when you cannot hold your mobile phone in your hand.
  • It allows you to track your fitness goals by giving you an entire summary of how many steps you have taken or how your heart rate measured throughout the day. It helps you meet or exceed your fitness and health goals. It can also show how much you have slept and how well you slept.
  • Smartwatches also provide you the option of sending and receiving messages from your wrist.
  • You can listen to music by controlling the radio or your playlist from your wrist. Even a full-length movie can be watched on your smartwatch, though how comfortable it would be is debatable due to the small screen.
  • It also helps with navigation. If you travel a lot or are not too good with directions, having a smartwatch can help you get to wherever you want with the utmost convenience.


  • The biggest drawback of a smartwatch is that its battery life is quite limited. Even after a full charge, the battery of a smartwatch will only remain for about a day or two. Watches are worn every day, so having to charge them every other day can be quite a nuisance.
  • The data, especially which is related to the heart rate or health, is not considered very accurate. In fact, it is not even considered 80% accurate. Companies, however, are working on improving this feature.
  • The screen sizes of the smartwatches are (obviously!) very small. Watching a movie or trying to navigate through them can take extra effort, especially if you have vision problems as it will put a strain on the eyes.