Best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size in 2021

Finding a best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size bodies can be really hard. There are so many different shapes and styles that it is difficult to know where to even start. You might think that you would just have to find any suit that fits, but the truth is most of them will not fit your shape properly. Have no fear though! 

This blog post will give you all the information you need in order to find the best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size body type !

Before getting started, it is important to define what an apple body shape looks like. We, women have different body shapes and it is crucial to know what yours is to look good and confident. There are about 12 body shapes- yes, it feels like we are back to our math classes, but women do have unique shapes and they need to wear clothes accordingly to look irresistible.

How to Find a Best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size

What is an apple body shape ?

The apple body shape features a curvaceous upper half, with wider hips and shoulders. The lower half is narrower in comparison to the narrow torso area above it. This means that an apple shaped person has fuller curves around their waistline as well as at the bottom of their chest.

The best way to find the perfect swimwear is to know your shape :

This will help you determine what size and style of suit would best accommodate your body type, as well as any features that may need special attention like back support, tummy coverage or height. Tip #1- One should stay away from halter swimsuits since they reveal too much skin, but tankinis work wonders for this type of figure because they cover up any tummy bulge while still providing ample coverage in other areas like back support or cleavage!

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Swimsuit For Apple Shaped Plus Size Body 

 – Arms should be free to move without restriction

– Plenty of room in the bust area

– Coverage is essential, so consider a swimsuit that offers it and avoid those with thin straps or low necklines. This will help keep your chest from being exposed as well as not revealing too much skin on the backside which can lead to back fat exposure. Stay away from bikini tops for this reason!

Our Selection of the best Swimsuits for an Apple Shaped Plus Size Body:

Caribbean Sand Women’s Ruched Plus Size

swimsuit models picture

Best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size : A one piece suit provides ample coverage while also offering options like tummy control panels that are common on these types of suits making them perfect for apple shaped plus size bodies.

These offer compression at the midsection but still provide plenty of support when you need it most.


BALEAF Women’s Conservative Athletic Racerback

one piece swimsuit picture

Motto Sports One Piece Swimsuit: It’s made out of a breathable and quick drying fabric which is perfect because you’ll be in the water most. The suit also has an adjustable strap to make sure it stays on when there’s waves or you’re surfing or anything like that.


Tutorutor Womens High Waisted Plus Size

swimsuit picture

Lulus High Neck Bikini Top And Bottoms Suit: This option comes with two pieces, so if one gets wet then your other can stay dry. Plus both offer support while still giving coverage. So this may be good for people who want some extra security but don’t want their whole body hidden either.


Longitude Women’s Swimwear Plus Size

Best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size with Tummy Control Panel are also helpful for apple shaped plus size as they offer some shaping and compression. Those two are perfect swimsuits that will help you hide your tummy bulge.

  • – Halter Top Bikini Set With Removable Straps
  • – Voda Swim One Piece Bodysuit with Built in Bra, High Neckline And Underwire Supportive Cup

swimsuit top picture


Swim tops with low necklines are good for apple shape as they draw attention away from the stomach area. “The low neckline swimsuit is best for women with an apple shaped body like me !” Indeed, they cover up my stomach and reduce the appearance of that bulge.

  •  – One Piece Swimsuits, Tankinis, High Neckline Bathing Suit – Kiyonna

In Conclusion

Best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size : It is important to know your body shape to be able to find the best swimsuit for your body. Indeed, by choosing the best swimsuit for your apple shaped body plus size, you will look fabulous, sexy, and feel positive !

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