5 Best Swimsuits for Pear Shape Body (January 2020)

Before viewing the best swimsuits for pear shape body, first, we should acknowledge that what pear shape body is? The pear shape body is bigger on the bottom than it is on the top. Pears have wide hips, narrow shoulders, and a smaller bust. If your pear shape heart is set on a two-piece swimsuit then you should opt for one that draws the attention upward.

A top with ruffles, bright colors, a pattern or a tie front will do the trick. Wear it with a more subdued darker bottom. Since your bust is smaller, you can wear bandeau tops, tiny triangle tops or the halter top with some padding if you want the extra left. The bottom should be high cut to create the illusion of longer leaner legs. For one-piece swimsuits, go for a boatneck or racerback which will make your shoulders looked broader and create a more balanced look.

5 Best Swimsuits for Pear Shape Body

I am small on top and big on the bottom, I don’t have a big chest but I have big butts so you can say I have a pear shaped body. Today I will review the best swimsuits for pear shape body. I have to figure out how to manipulate the make it looks a little bit smaller on the bottom and bigger on the top so I just want to look flattering in the majority of my clothes. Also, I wanted to look even more flattering in my swimsuits wearing them at the beach. I will show you swimsuits that fit pear-shaped body and I just don’t show any swimsuit that doesn’t fit correctly.

Lost In The Dream High-waisted Bikini Set

The first swimsuit that I have is Lost In The Dream High-waisted Bikini Set, literally, this is one of my favorite swimsuits. This is more like Jemmica swimsuits. First, when I pick this swimsuit, I don’t like and I was on hopes from it. But when I put it on to my body, I really like it and I am like wow. I really love it because it gives you a perfect pear shape look when you wear it. It’s V shape so it will cover you tummy pooch as well. So if you want to hide tummy fat at the beach, this swimsuit really helpful for you.

If you have plus size body, then you must try it with one plus-size because it’s suitable for generic chest, not for a bigger chest. I swear to god I was not expecting this swimsuit to look good. I was thinking that this is probably going to be some trash. Even the back, it looks hangs on my hips and hitting my butts nicely. I feel really covered and supportive by wearing it on the beach. Another good thing about it is that it makes my butt look appealing because sometimes swimsuits make my hips look droopy but this suit didn’t do that. So I definitely recommend this swimsuit from cupshe.

The next swimsuit is passing fancy striped one-piece swimsuit. This is actually the one which is very awesome and looks really on your body. I use to like little straps and wrap it around my tummy. It will create my own pear shape body like I figure pear type of shape that I want to make. The strings weren’t long enough in the swimsuits like they need to be.

It really wasn’t long enough to do what I want to do and because I had already figured out okay I look good in stripes. It definitely made my body look amazing wearing like a basic something like this. The only issue with it is it did make my butt look a little bit droopy. So for that, I figure out how to make it good using stripes of this swimsuit so that it doesn’t drown my butt area and not to be too tight.

Watch The Clouds Solid One Piece Swimsuit

The next one is really nice passing fancy stripe one-piece swimsuit from cupshe. It resembles in shape with above-mentioned swimsuits but it differs with them when you wear it and it really gives me what I want from a swimsuit. It will give you a camouflaged shape and it doesn’t accentuate my body. It gives you feels like its hugging you around and this is what I want from a swimsuit which I love to wear. I really the strips at the back and this fall in best swimsuits for pear shape body. This swimsuit gives your body better curves and stripes gives an attractive look.

Lush Live Print One Piece Swimsuit

The next swimsuit is lush live printed one-piece swimsuit. I really like this one because it is so much popular everywhere so I decided to give it a try and found that this is best swimsuit for pear shape body you will ever found. It has a floral print so its best for family function swim parties. Its look pretty solid and attractive when you wear it. Its give more coverage to hide your tummy bulge. It wasn’t too tight but you can adjust to your body using the back stripes.

Colorful Balloon Stripe Two Piece Swimsuit

It’s a beautiful two-piece colorful balloon stripe swimsuits. Its very lightweight with V neck at the top while the bottom is high waisted so it will cover your lower tummy as well. The bottom is elastic so it will hug your sides and give you a perfect pear shape look. You may be noticed that two-piece swimsuits don’t accentuate your body curves really well but this one did a good job. There are different color are available with a different size so you can choose the best for your body type.