Best Tunic Tops To Wear Over Leggings In (January 2020)

Tunic Tops are the most trendy dress wear over leggings. Every woman is looking for best tunic tops to wear over leggings. Before we go ahead, we need to keep in mind that tunic tops are for everyone. But, leggings are not for everyone. As I said above, every woman has a legging craze. But if you want to look beautiful then you should figure out what looks good at your body. So, the common reason behind is that these fit leggings display every curve of your body. So, you need to be careful when if your body has bad curves. You can read a detail buying guide for best leggings for women here.

Tunic tops set a trendy design in the fashion industry. In fact, every woman has 2-3 tunic tops in her closet. The simple reason for tunic tops popularity is that they are so versatile. One can tunic tops to wear over with leggings or can wear over skinny jeans. Or dress them up or down to create an endless variety of looks.

Reasons for Tunic Tops to Wear Over Leggings

Evergreen And Classic

As you know that some dresses are evergreen. They never become old-fashioned. So, tunic tops are one of them. No matter what the new trend is. You can always wear a tunic top to give yourself a modern and chic look.

Tunic Tops Are Universel

This is the most favorite fact about tunic tops is that every age women can wear them. It doesn’t matter that how old, tall, short, full figured, slim, curvy, or athletic you are. They are designed in such a way, they are super comfortable dress to wear.


As I said above, they are so much versatile that you can make lots of great combination dress with them. This is feature makes them a hot selling item in the fashion industry. You can easily pair with leggings, pants, jeans, or other trousers.

Dress Them Up or Down

Another good point about tunic tops is you can wear them up or down. Or you can make different pairs with jewelry, with a handbag, with a belt or with a pair of flats. So, they can match with everything you want and you can be creative as you want.

Different Transitional Pieces

Many women wear tunic during work, or on the job. That’s because tunic tops will help them to easily change from day look to night look. You can change the shoes or layer the dress to get a different appearance.

Budget Affordable

Another good thing about tunics is that you can get within your budget. Their prices are not so high. There is some tunic which high price but most of them in mid to cheap range. So, you can buy 3-4 some classics tunics tops and can create lots of variety dresses.

Ideas For Tunic Tops To Wear Over Leggings

To buy good chic style tunic tops to wear over leggings, you should idea about your body type. Because, by know your body type, you can select a good tunic. So, below are some ideas of tunic tops to wear over leggings.

Plus Size Tunic Tops

If you have plus size fatty body then you look for full figure tunic. In this case, you need to maintain a balance between your body and tunic. For a plus size body, a tunic should not be too tight or too loose. It should be moderate.  You should not look for a shapewear tunic. As it will not look good over legging. To look slim, look for tunic in which your wrists and collarbone a clearly visible. If you want to cover your bottom, you tunic should be long enough to cover it.

tunic tops to wear over leggings1

Pear Shape Tunic  Tops

If you have a pear-shaped body, then go for a tunic with a wide neck opening. It will make your shoulder broaden. It should have side vents with a little taper at the waist. Also, it should either fall above or below your waist area. It shouldn’t be right at on it. A long chunky necklace will add more beauty to it.

tunic tops to wear over leggings2

Apple Shape Tunic Tops

If you have an apple shape body, then select a tunic which doesn’t have a clingy top. You need to focus on your neckline and legs. Make sure that it has a V-neck. It will help you in getting attention directly to your face. Also, you tunic should not be too long. If it has a smaller pattern and a dark color. It will help in producing an illusion that you have smaller on top.  A short chunky necklace will add more beauty to it.

tunic tops to wear over leggings3

Sleeveless Tunics Tops

If you have a slim body, then you should look for tunics which are sleeveless. As, in a sleeveless tunic, your figure looks better. It will look ideal in a fitted or shape tunic. Length depends on your own hight. A nice short necklace will add more beauty to your outlook.

tunic tops to wear over leggings4

Straight Shape Tunic Tops

If you have a straight shape body. You should look for a tunic which creates curves. As these tunics will turn a straight shape into curves.  So, look for a tunic which produces more illusions and creates curves at the waist area.

tunic tops to wear over leggings5

Petite Shap Tunic Tops

If you have a petite shape body then you should look for a short tunic. Keep in mind that most tunics are long. So, you don’t need a long tunic.  Empire waist is not good in a petite shape body. So, you just need to pass it when you are looking for tunics. A tunic may make a great dress with a belt or with a belt. You need to figure out which works best for you.

tunic tops to wear over leggings6

Rules of Tunic Tops To Wear Over Leggings

Always pair to lose tunic tops with straight or skinny leggings. As wearing shapewear tunic will totally look awkward. You can wear a fitted tunic over loose jeans but not over leggings.

You can wear a belt with a tunic but then you should avoid wearing a necklace.

If you want to wear Bermuda leggings or shorts, then you have a nice height at least. Because, if you have a short height then it’s not going to give a nice look.

I have not seen anyone who wears a tunic over a skirt and looks good. So, don’t think about it. You only lose money doing so. The best way is tunic tops to wear over leggings.

Also, shrunken jeans are not a good choice to wear with a tunic.

You can wear short leggings and short tight jeans with tunic tops. But, you need to make sure that people can see those shorts under the tunics. If you have a bit longer legs, you can surely give a try to short leggings and jeans shorts.

Tunics tops are never out of fashion but trends of wearing them with leggings changed a bit. Every woman loves tunic tops and needs the best combination with legging. Making a combination of tunics to wear over leggings is an excellent way to look unique and fabulous among all.  To look trendy, especially in public places, you need to select right tunics that are looking funky with leggings. Both leggings and tunics need to chic and snappy. To select the fashionable leggings that look pretty stylish with tops, you must know what body type you have, especially your leg types. Like some women are with calf legs so they should go for calf length leggings, women with lean ankle legs, go with ankle length leggings. Don’t opt for what others are wearing, always select what looks best at your body. Most girls and women prefer calf length leggings, they are good, but if they are suiting on your, then don’t select them.

With legging, always opt for the tunics that cover your posterior, especially if you have a fatty body. Don’t choose the short tops that keep riding up. Also, most of the women are not sure what shoes they wear to make tops and leggings combination to funky. It really depends on what kind of activity you are going to do. Like if you are going out for fun with friends, they classic sports sneakers are the best choice. If you are going to a party or any other formal event, then you should wear ballet flats or pumps. For evening parties, band the combination with white boots.

Types Of Leggings To Wear Under Tunic Tops

Not only color matching is key to give you a unique style, but have a right pair of a dress is also an art to look smart. We always give preference to leggings over other bottoms like skinny jeans, jeggings etc, when we want to wear tunic tops. This because tunics are a bit loose while leggings are tightened to the skin, so combine they will produce the best pair of dress to wear. In summer, some girls like to wear palazzo pants under tunic tops, but that may not be suitable for all of us. Palazzo pants don’t give your stylish look as leggings do. Leggings are made up of spandex materials so they will easily adjust with your leg size and have enough flexibility with your body movement.

Leggings always give you a smart and slim look even you have a plus size body or either you have the curvy body type. When pairing with tunic tops, you should keep in mind that pick right size, not too tight so it will start pinching your body or may rip off on body stretching.

The coloring is another important factor of right pairing with tunic tops. Simple you can’t beat the black color leggings, because, a large number of pairs can easily be created with black leggings.  You can wear them under any tops available even with shirts as well. That’s why they are so much popular and selling like hot cakes.

Capri leggings are a great choice for tall girls and women. You love to like slim with an average height that produces perfect body shape to look chic among others. A right pair to tunic top with Capri leggings and heel shoes will adorn you and you feel like a supermodel Rihanna.

The printed pattern is very in these days. They are stylish and fits everyone one to make a couple with tops. When buying pattern leggings, always recall that what types of tops you have in your wardrobe. Dark patterns always twin with light color tops and vice versa.

A few things you need to remember about leggings. In summer nights, leggings are not a good choice. You should be bare legged to look stylish.

It doesn’t matter, how modish or trendy you are looking, you should wear leggings in a cocktail or wedding parties. No matter how costly or stuffy leggings you have in your wardrobe, formal parties have their own dressing format to sophisticated. So, you shouldn’t apply them in any case.

Leggings are best suitable for casual parties and trips on vocations with any kind of tops like skirts, shirts, tunic tops, or blouses at any age. They will give you an up to date look with covering up any disability or insecurity in your legs like when have gone through indoor body tanning or any other legs peel off mask or wax or something like that, so, you will feel safe as well as nifty look.

So, this is how you use tunic tops to wear over leggings. Tunics tops are included in best summer dresses. Most of some women love to wear swimsuits at the beach. But, I promise, that tunic tops are also a good choice for the beach party. Pairing them right with color matching and sizing options, with the right type of bottoms like skinny jeans and leggings, you are more than chic or supermodel. I would love to hear your suggestions that how would you like to wear tunic tops. You can tell me what kind of tops,  necklace jewelry, bottom, diaper bags or women purses and shoes. I would like to mention your style in other posts to encourage other people to look classy.