Dresslily reviews, best guide in 2021

Dresslily reviews is a popular Chinese online fashion store that sells low cost clothing and accessories. Owned by the company, Baozhu Group, Dresslily was founded in 2004. Dresslily is an online shop that sells women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Dresslily is a rising star in the fashion industry because it offers customers a variety of products with competitive prices.

If you are looking for a dress, then Dresslily reviews is the place to go. 

With so many different styles and colors available at any time of year, it’s no wonder that Dresslily has become one of the most popular websites around. However, with popularity comes criticism – how good can they be if everyone knows about them?

Dresslily Reviews: What You Need to Know


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Different sizes:

They offer an extensive range of sizes from XXS to XXXL so you can find the perfect fit for your body type no matter what it is. Therefore, everyone can find their happiness.


Some customers love that they’re able to buy clothes at affordable prices while others don’t like dresslily reviews because they say there isn’t enough variety in their products or items cost too much money. 

These two features make them perfect for those who are looking for the latest trends at great prices.

The Website:

Dresslily reviews has an easy-to-use interface with some great features to help shoppers narrow down their search for what they’re looking for. For example, you can browse by category (e.g., dresses or jeans) or type of item (e.g., tops or bottoms).

You can also filter your shopping experience based on price range ($10-$50), brand name, size availability, color options, etc. There’s even a “sale” tab where you can check out all the items they have on sale.

Some reviews from Dresslily Shoppers:

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“I was looking for a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding and I found this one. It looked just like the picture, but when it came in-things started going wrong. The zipper broke as soon as I tried it on.”

“I love this dress! It fits perfectly, and the material is amazing. The shipping was also very fast. I can’t wait to wear it out on my next night out with friends.”

“Dresslily reviews never fails to disappoint me in their selection of clothes for every event imaginable – weddings, proms, birthday parties or just a Friday evening when you want something different than your usual jeans and t-shirt look!”

One customer who had an excellent experience said, “The material is amazing.” The shipping was also very fast. I can’t wait to wear it out on my next night out with friends.”

“When I saw my friend wearing this dress, I knew that the dresses were good quality. The material is amazing. The design is incredible.”

Despite these complaints, Dresslily has a lot of positive reviews from other sites and is worth checking out if you’re looking for an affordable dress or two!

Positive reviews are typically in regards to the quality of dresses.

Customer service: 

The customer service was another issue for some customers, who said that phone calls were not returned and messages weren’t responded to quickly enough. 

“Their customer service was really bad. I ordered a dress and it was completely the wrong size. When I contacted them, they were not helpful at all.”

Our Opinion


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Dresslily reviews offers designer quality dresses that are made up of wonderful materials but doesn’t offer much in terms of style options as there’s only one category – formal wear- which leads to some customer dissatisfaction with their service. 

However, many customers have had pleasant experiences shopping on this website so it might be worth giving them a shot even though we don’t recommend them as our top choice because there are better websites.

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