How to darken highlights, best guide in 2021

How to darken highlights : I’m sure you’ve been there before- your hair is perfect, but the highlights are just a little too bright. Or maybe it’s not even that they’re too light, it’s just that they don’t perfectly match the rest of your hair color and you want to change them up. 

Whatever the case may be, this article will provide you with simple steps on how to darken highlights in order for them to blend more seamlessly into your natural hair color.

In this article, you will be provided with answers to the most common questions asked about the how to darken highlights.

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What do you do if your highlights are too light these are the steps:

– Step One from your root, comb through the hair until you find a strand that is darker than where it starts at your roots. This will be the new base color for this section of highlighted hair.

 – Take some dark brown or black dye and apply to the strands in between highlights as well as on top of them then you have to wait for it to process.

 – Once the previous step is finished, you will have darker highlights that seamlessly match your natural hair color and blend in well with your roots.

Can a toner darken highlights:

This is the question that is asked by many people. There are toners out there which will do the job but they can be quite expensive and difficult to find. Moreover, their effects are not always long-lasting as your hair needs to stay in contact with the dye for a certain amount of time.

How to darken highlights naturally: 

– Step one: Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some water. If possible, use distilled or filtered water to avoid any unwanted impurities that may affect the color outcome.

– Step two: Apply this mixture all over your hair and allow it to sit for about five minutes before rinsing out in cool-warm water then after this you have to dry your hair.

-Step three: Now you have to use a semi-permanent color on your highlights by following the instructions that come with it, but just make sure you don’t forget to leave time for the product to process in between steps one and two or things may look different than expected.

Will purple shampoo darken my highlights:

-This is a popular question. And the answer is, of course- it depends how light your highlights are and what color they’re dyed with.

– One way to darken them up a little is by getting some purple shampoo in order to tone down their brightness or if you prefer just changing out your highlight shade for something more natural like an ashy blonde.

-Given that purple shampoo will darken your hair, it might be best to avoid using a toner on the highlights if you’re trying to tone them down because this may just make them more vibrant and noticeable against your natural color.

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How to darken highlights That Are Too Light :

-If they’re too light, it might be best to just use a toner on them in order to tone down their vibrancy against your natural color or dye some new ones with an ashy shade rather than something very light like platinum blonde.

-Also another way to darken your highlights is to use shampoo- it will make them darker, it might be best to avoid using a toner on the highlights if you’re trying to tone them down because this may just make them more vibrant and noticeable against your natural color

Using GIMP to lighten shadows and darken highlights

GIMP is a free image editing program that’s made to be powerful and user-friendly. It can lighten shadows, darken highlights, and do a lot more than just these few things

This is a well-known way of using GIMP to lighten shadows and darken highlights, it’s not a toner but the results are similar

Photoshop can be used in much of the same ways as GIMP when you’re trying to go for that specific effect.

With GIMP these are the steps on how to darken highlights

– In GIMP, click on the layer menu and select “New Layer”

– Click on your new layer to make it active

– On this new layer you can use any of the painting tools from brush size down to color intensity. I recommend using a soft round brush with opacity set at 100% and setting up a stroke that will cover the highlights.

– Paint over the areas that you want to darken, with your brush set to a 100% opacity and painting on “show”, then select “hide” from the Layers Panel menu when finished

– Save this now as another file so it can be edited later if necessary

how to darken highlights with coffee:

It is possible to use coffee to darken highlights by mixing coffee and dye as the mixture will not alter the appearance of your hair. I prefer this method as it does not involve bleach and will not damage your hair.

Can I use brown shampoo to darken highlights

It is not advised to use brown shampoo because it contains a high concentration of peroxide, which will damage your hair.

Do Highlights get darker after a few days

This is how long it takes for highlights to get darker. Highlights will take a few days but the process is gradual, meaning that they will not change drastically in just one day.

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Our Outlook

To recap, there are many ways to darken highlights: naturally, with shampoos, toners, or even by editing your photos! The key method is mainly- PATIENCE. 

In fact, highlights with time will get darker. So, now that you have the solutions, you are ready to look gorgeous and be satisfied with your new look.

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