13 Ways to Deal with Baby Hairs ?

how to get rid of baby hairs

I can’t stand it when I see those pesky baby hairs. They always seem to pop up in the most inconvenient places and make me feel like there is something wrong with my makeup or that I need a haircut. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to get rid of them! how to get rid of baby hairs ? 

In this blog post, we will discuss 13 different methods for how to get rid of baby hairs so you can enjoy your day without worrying about whether or not you have any leftover hair on your face.

Method 1 : 

The first step is to use a facial cleanser and make sure that you massage it into your skin. This will loosen up the hair follicles so that they can be more easily plucked or shaved off with an electric razor. If you have sensitive skin, consider using an anti-acne cleanser instead as this type of product won’t irritate your skin as much as other types of cleaners might do.

 Method 2 :

Use Vaseline -This is how to get rid of baby hairs with Vaseline. If you have a dry, patchy area on the skin that has hair and other products can’t fix it, try this method for how to get rid of baby hairs. This is best done at night before bed so that it’s not noticeable in the morning!

 When you do this every night for 2 weeks, all of the baby hairs will have fallen out!  

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Method 3 :

This method is for those with oily skin and minimal baby hairs on the face how to get rid of baby hairs of them as they are forming or if you have a lot, this might be your best bet. Simply take some rice powder (you can find it at any makeup store) and gently rub on your face. Be careful not to use too much powder because it may cause your makeup to appear cakey, which will only worsen the problem!

Method 4 :

This is for those who have dry skin and want a quick fix for their how to get rid of baby hairs before heading off to work or school in the morning. Simply take some coconut oil and rub it on your face, concentrating more where the baby hairs are most noticeable. Within minutes you’ll notice that they will soften and start to disappear before your eyes!

Method 5 :

For those with oily skin who want a solution without makeup or powders, try this method of simply taking nail polish remover on a cotton swab and then swiping it over your face. The remover will dissolve the oils on your skin and make those pesky hairs disappear!

Method 6 :  

 Use Toothpaste – Put toothpaste on your lashes while they’re still wet from washing them (but not too much). After 10 minutes rinse it off with water. Toothpaste is also a great method to use to remove baby hairs. It’s simple and gets the job done! All you need is some toothpaste, water, and your fingers for this trick. First cover the area where hair needs to be removed with toothpaste and let it sit for five minutes or so before brushing off.

Method 7 : 

Set Your Baby Hair With Hairspray and a Hot Iron–   One way to get rid of baby hairs is by using some hair spray and a hot iron. Once you have used the hot iron on your hair, hold it close to your face so that all of the little hairs are firmly in place. Then start spraying with the hairspray until everything is stiff and set. 

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Method 8 : 

 The Baby Wipes Trick-  Another way to get rid of baby hairs is by using a simple trick with some wet wipes! Wet one or two pieces and then gently rub them over all of those annoying little ends sticking up. Next, use another piece on top so that it creates a seal. 

This will keep them from getting in your way for the rest of the day.

 Method 9 :

Try waxing or threading- these methods will remove all baby hairs at once without any pain.

Method 10 :

Use a razor to shave off individual baby hairs- this is good for people who have sensitive skin or don’t like how waxing feels. 

Method 11 :

Apply petroleum jelly over the area where you would like to remove the hair- it will suffocate it so it falls out in due time.

Method 12 :

Try clipping the hair off with nail clippers. This may sound like it would hurt, but it actually doesn’t because the hair is so short and thin. You just need to be careful not to cut too much – just clip one side of the hair shaft off each time you see a new one sprout up!

Method 13 :

If you want to get rid of baby hairs permanently, laser hair removal is an option that may work for some people. In this process, a technician uses a laser beam to target and destroy the hair follicle below the skin surface.

How to tame baby hairs picture

Here’s how to style – or tame – your baby hairs

  • Wet your face with warm water and then apply a little cream lotion to the baby hairs. Use either your fingers or an old toothbrush to gently brush them away, being careful not to use too much pressure that would irritate your skin.
  • You can also try using dry shampoo for unwanted hair on top of the head and then using a small brush to sweep the hair off your face.
  •  You can use tape, bobby pins or even clothespins in order to keep the baby hairs in place. Using gel or spray-on hair to keep them down can also be an option.


Our Thoughts

To conclude, there are many methods to deal with baby hairs. I would recommend using a small brush to sweep the hair off your face. You can use tape, bobby pins or even clothespins in order to keep them down and there are also other methods you could try if these don’t work for you.

 I hope that these methods will help you deal with baby hairs. Also, keep in mind that laser removal can cause skin damage and you should always consult a dermatologist before doing anything too drastic.

Now, you are aware of the different methods, the choice is yours to decide which one is best for you.

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