How to know if you have wide feet ? Best Guide In 2021

Do You Have Wide Feet ?

How to know if you have wide feet ? That is the question that many people ask themselves when they are trying to find shoes that fit just right. The answer, of course, is “it depends.” If you are curious about whether or not your How to know if you have wide feet are wide enough to be considered “wide,” then this article will help! Read on to learn if it’s time for new shoes.

This article talks about How to know if you have wide feet and what kind of shoe brands might work best for those with wider than average feet.

Wide feet are a common problem for many people. But how do you know if you have wide feet? If your foot is significantly wider than your shoe, then it’s likely that you have this issue and need to find shoes that will accommodate them. 

Here are 4 ways to tell if How to know if you have wide feet :

1) Your toes touch the front of the shoe when walking or standing up straight

2) The heel of your foot slips out from under your big toe as you walk or run

3) You can’t fit both feet into one running shoe size without having a gap between them

4) There is significant space in between each toe on either side of the ball of the foot


If you are unsure of your shoe size, the best thing to do is measure the widest part of your foot with a ruler. 

This will give you an idea if How to know if you have wide feet. The average width for women’s shoes in North America ranges from between B and D (US sizing), which can be measured at about 16-18 cm or slightly less than six inches across. For men, it ranges C through EE (US sizing) which measures 17-21 cm or just over seven inches across on average.

 If this does not match up with what appears to be your size then consider purchasing one half larger – as sometimes there may seem like a discrepancy because different brands use their own measurements when designing footwear sizes that fit differently depending on the style.

How to Tell if You Need Wide Shoes by Measuring Your Feet

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The best way to know if you need wide shoes is by measuring your feet. To measure, first place a piece of paper on the ground and step onto it so that all five toes are touching it. 

Using a pencil or pen, mark where the tips of each toe hit the paper; then compare these measurements against an average foot size chart.

How to make shoes less painful if How to know if you have wide feet

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If you find yourself getting frustrated because your shoes are too tight, it may be time to get a new pair. But if that’s not an option for you right now, here are some things you can do to make them more comfortable.

Using socks or tights is the best way to keep in shape and take up the extra space. Wear shoes that are wider in the toes and have less of a heel, which will hold your feet better without squeezing them too much.

Bring an old shoe with you to try on before purchasing it so that you can assess if there is enough width for your foot while still being comfortable up top.

Also remember: don’t forget about orthotics! They may be able to help bring some relief from pain or discomfort in heels and arches when worn inside supportive footwear like sneakers, dress pumps, high-heeled sandals, flats etc. You can either buy custom made ones or use over-the-counter inserts at home as long as they fit properly.

What are the problems associated with having wide feet ?

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  • Difficulty finding shoes that fit properly because of How to know if you have wide feet which may lead to bunions, corn or other foot problems.
  • Styles in clothing and shoe options are limited for people with wider feet (even more so if you have extra wide feet). 

What can I do ?

Ways to manage the problem :

  • Purchase footwear from a store where one has an opportunity to try them on before buying. Try not to wear socks when trying on footwear as this will help determine how well it fits without excess material inside the shoe.
  • Replace old running shoes every year, even if they don’t appear worn or broken, it will prevent problems from wearing down the shoe prematurely.
  • Buy wide footwear, if available.*Consider orthotics for a customized solution that can correct any sole issues and provide additional support for wider feet to help maintain balance through each step.*Wear shoes with closed toe box (e.g., athletic trainers) as they offer more room at toes than open-toe styles
  • Use foam inserts which are placed inside of your existing shoes to make them feel larger on the inside without sacrificing stability or comfort. 

What do Wider Feet Mean if You Are a Runner?

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Running shoes may not be the best option, but a shoe with good support and cushioning is.

What do Wider Feet Mean if You Are Going to Work Out?

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Your feet are going to hurt more because of the pressure on them from your workout routine. Invest in socks that offer padding for How to know if you have wide feet or calluses will form over time as you keep training without socks which can lead to infections too!

Our Outlook

How to know if you have wide feet, it is important to know the width of your foot. 

Not only will this knowledge help with shoes and purchasing clothing that fits properly but also for many other things.

How to know if you have wide feet are not an uncommon problem for many people. They can lead to a number of other problems as well, including back pain and shin splints. How to know if you have wide feet it is important that you find the right shoes, insoles or orthotics before your health gets worse.

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