How to wear a shelf bra, best guide in 2021

How to Wear a Shelf Bra: Get the Perfect Fit

One of the most important pieces in your lingerie wardrobe is a shelf bra. This style of bra gives you support, coverage, and a smooth silhouette that’s perfect for any outfit. But how do you wear one properly?

We’re here to help! Read on to find out more about what it means to how to wear a shelf bra and how to get the perfect fit.

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Do you know how to wear a shelf bra? 

A lot of people have never worn one, and it can be tough to figure out what the straps are for. It’s actually not as complicated as it looks. Follow these steps:

1. Put on your dress or top like normal, pulling the elastic part over your chest (the bottom should be at your natural waist)

2. Pull both straps up in front of you and tie them together behind your back

3. Bring the two ends around past each other in front again, so they’re resting on either side of your back

4. Now pull the loose end through that loop you just created and tighten firmly!

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How to wear a built-in shelf bra?

The first step to wearing a shelf bra is the most important, and that’s finding your correct size. For this, you can use: measuring around your ribs just below your breasts. It will give you an accurate measurement for determining which size bracket to order in.

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To conclude:

Follow these steps and you’ll be wearing a shelf bra like a pro in no time!

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