How to wear barrettes, the best guide in 2021

How to wear barrettes : Wearing barrettes is a great way to spice up your hairstyle and add some fun. You can wear one, you can wear two, or even three!

A barrette is a small clip with a decorative head that can be used to hold back hair. They are traditionally made of metal or plastic, but they are also available in fabric and other materials such as horn, bone, wood, porcelain and ivory.

Barrettes come in many shapes and sizes from the basic round style to more elaborate designs like flowers and butterflies. In this blog post we will talk about 14 different ways you can wear them!

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How to wear barrettes, 14 Ways

Should We All Start Wearing Barrettes? Yes!

Barrettes are just as popular and trendy now as they were in the ‘80s. They’re a simple way to update your look for work or an evening out with friends, but can also be worn during any day of the week!

The next most obvious place is on either side of your head like hair clips. You could use one if you wanted to do something different with that section of hair rather than style it all up into a high ponytail or bun.

If you have bangs, there’s no need to worry about whether this will show through because these styles go right over top of them without sticking straight out from your forehead like normal pins would!

– The first way is to wear them right at the crown of your head, either around or behind your ponytail. 

– They can also be worn in front of the forehead and pulled back with a ponytail, much like you would wear barrettes on younger girls’ heads! You could even use two different colors for a fun look that matches any outfit. 

– If you are worried about people seeing it when they see your scalp through thinning hair then go ahead and buy one in black so that nobody will notice! Barrette pins have been used since ancient times by Egyptian women who were often depicted wearing elaborate hairstyles which incorporated such pins into their do’s just above the temples…

– Wear them around the head, either at the nape of your neck or right behind your ears.

– You can also wear a barrette in front and pull it back with a ponytail!

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– They are great for people who have thinning hair because they won’t show from behind like some bobby pins do so you will feel confident no matter what hairstyle you choose to rock while wearing these babies.

– Single French Style: Create a loose hair bun and pin it with a single silver barrette. This style is perfect for any occasion.

– For an everyday look, just clip them on one side of your head.  

– To add texture to long hair, place the barrette at the root of your hairline and let it fall down. 

– If you’re going out for the night, try clipping two barrettes together in front of your ear so that they create a bow shape near the nape of your neck. 

– For a unique twist on buns or ponytails, use a large barrette instead!

– Wear two barrettes at once for a statement look! If you want something that screams “fashion forward” then this is perfect for you. The best part about wearing two at once is that it doubles the amount of outfits you can create with just one accessory!

– Curl your bangs back, then put them in a low ponytail. Put two thin strands of hair from the front on either side of the head and pin them down with barrettes.

– Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, then curl it up at the bottom (or use gel). Place one barrette just above this curl and another below it so they form an “X” shape on top of your head.

– How to Wear Barrettes in Long Hair. This is a very common way to wear them. Simply place the barrette on top of your head and pull one side over, tucking it inside the hair. If you have small or thin hair, this is an easy look to achieve because all you need are some great clips!

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Our Verdict

How to wear barrettes, Bored With Your Hair? Easily Upgrade Any Style With A Barrette. 

These are the perfect different ways to wear the barrettes and feel confident, glamourous, and trendy!

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