6 Best Leggings That Hide Cellulite in 2021

I am starting this with giving you a situation like you are getting ready for a party and you have a cellulite problem. So what you will wear to hide that cellulite. Definitely, first, you think about what type of the party you are going to join. Like if its beach party, you will choose bathing suits that will hide your tummy bulge. If it’s a birthday party, you may have an option of leggings that hide cellulite.

Now that it’s all in winter is right around the corner, and pretty much living and leggings that hide cellulite like every day of my life. I wear them under dresses and skirts. I wear them as pants and I wear them to the gym. I want to see what are the best pair of leggings. Which pair of leggings should we wear on and which one should we stay away from. Every pair of leggings that hide cellulite in this post is in the same size,  length and color so that the comparison would be as straightforward as possible.

They’re six pair of leggings that hide cellulite and I am starting with the cheapest and going up to the most expensive. Leggings from one to ten on quality and also on fit and then getting it either thumbs up or thumbs down on it. Also if I would be comfortable wearing them and just as pants with a shirt. Or if they work as leggings under a dress or skirt. You know there’s all these means that are like get you girl that can do both, no, get your leggings that can do all of it.

Best Leggings That Hide Cellulite

Here are the six of the most popular pairs of leggings that I will review today and which I have tested and found them best leggings that hide cellulite for a curvy body.

SEASUM leggings that hide cellulite

The first pair of leggings is the SEASUM basic leggings.  These are at the least expensive pair and I’m honestly surprised by the quality. They felt really soft, really comfortable, they didn’t feel super cheap. These are pretty basic straightforward leggings. There’s no control top, there’s not a lot of support but there aren’t any scenes going down the side. So it creates a smoother look. They were a little bit lose on the top but fit well in my legs and my thighs. But they were just a little bit lose in the belly.

The quality I give SEASUM basically about five out of ten. They aren’t bad, they’re pretty soft and they feel relatively sturdy. But they are very thin which potentially could cause them to rip or wear out a little bit more easily. Also, because they are so thin, that affects the fit and how flattering they are a little bit because there isn’t really any support. There’s not much support in the legs, or the butt so for fit I give them a five out of ten.

Now, can I wear these SEASUM leggings under a dress? Yes, absolutely they look really great under a dress. They kind of just flow with the outfit. Could I wear them on their own? no, I definitely could not these aren’t even tied on and the material is so thin. I am worried about they could be worn out easily. But yet, in this price, these leggings that hide cellulite. I’m a curvy girl and I’ve got a booty so it’s definitely it shows my skin when I pull on it.

I can’t even imagine what would happen if I try to wear these to the gym for a workout work. If I like bent over to pick something up that would be obscene over. Although, these leggings were really comfortable especially pairing them with a dress.  So if that’s what you’re looking for leggings that hide cellulite, I would definitely recommend these, especially for that price point.

leggings that hide cellulite picture


FITTIN leggings that hide cellulite

The second pair of legging is from the FITTIN. These leggings have a more athletic look because of the fabric. They’re not cotton like and they are a lycra spandex blend which is what we kind of like associate with work out pants. So because of the fabric, they are made with, they are very supportive and thick. The quality is honestly really high so, I give them seven out of ten on quality.

For the fit, I give them six out of ten. They were pretty big on me and definitely didn’t stay in the waist. I also didn’t like that there was no control top especially since they’re high waisted. Like you think that there would be some sort of support there but there wasn’t at all. And even though I usually like high waisted leggings, it didn’t make them feel very secure on my body. Because there was no support there like they were kind of falling down that coupled with the fact that they were too big.

That being said, though I didn’t try any piece on in the store because I just wanted to get the same size and all of them and for you guys my honest first impression. So if I was buying them again I would probably go with sights down the medium. Would I wear them under the dress? No, just because of that material it has. It’s just a little bit too athletic looking you can see when I carry it with the draft it just doesn’t look quite right. I do like that that there’s no seam on the outside of your leg like a lot of athletic pants have.

It makes it a lot smoother and it doesn’t stand out quite so much with a dress or skirt. But I would absolutely wear these on their own as pants so that’s why these in the list of leggings that hide cellulite. I think that they look really great. It don’t show my butt at all even when I was pulling on, If I bend over, it’s not see through at all. Overall, although if you’re into that like leisure look or for a casual day with your neckties and t-shirts, I think these are great.

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Bon Bon leggings that hide cellulite

The third pair of leggings are going to be from the pink branch of Victoria’s secret. These are interesting because they look and feel almost identical to the H & M leggings but they’re double in the price. There’s no control top, they are just a standard pair of leggings. So for quality, I give them six out of ten. For the fit, they are high waisted which I typically at love in leggings that hide cellulite. But again, no control top, no support and they are very thin. They aren’t really doing anything smooth out my tummy.

I would absolutely at wear these under the dress, though I think they look really great. They are really smooth, no outside seem and no weird material so they’re just kind of straightforward cotton leggings that hide cellulite. Definitely, I would not wear them as pants. Though they’re actually a little bit thinner even then the SEASUM. They’re a little bit more see-through than those.

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LMB leggings that hide cellulite

Next one is from LMB leggings and they are a more expensive pair of leggings than those discussed above. These are interesting because I own these leggings that are in that like lycra spandex material that is stretchy and that’s for workouts. These are actually made with cotton and polyester so they’re going to have that same look as the SEASUM and pink leggings. But they are definitely more supportive and thicker so these are recommended leggings that hide cellulite.

For the quality, I’d give the Nike dry fit leggings six out of ten. I like it that it’s cotton but it is still thick so it gives a little bit more support. They’re also very tight to my body which I love. They don’t feel like they’re too small but they do feel like they’re swaddling me like a little baby. I want to feel held by my leggings and I want to be coddled.

So for the fit, I give them eight out of ten. They are very comfortable, very flattering and relatively supported even though there that cotton blend. Only thing is, it was a little bit lose up top which is a common problem for me but they did have the control top. And that control top helps to kind of smooth the whole silhouette of the leggings.

Also, these made me feel more comfortable and more supported. So far these are pretty good but this is where it gets interesting. Would I wear them under the dress? My answer is maybe. Because these are intended to be workout leggings that hide cellulite, they have that thick seem going all the way up the leg and around the butts. So I don’t know if I would necessarily wear these for the dress. They would be my first choice just because I think that kind of distracts from the outside a little bit especially if it’s a nicer dress.

But, also that’s something that doesn’t bother you if you’re not distracted by that seem. I think that these would be fine if that doesn’t bother you. Can you wear it on your own? My answer is no. When I was pulling on these leggings that hide cellulite to test out how thick and durable they were? You could start to see my skin. Which honestly isn’t something that should be a problem in workout pants. I wouldn’t feel comfortable bending over in these.

So even though, I thought the quality was good and I really like the fact that the more I thought about this? If I can’t wear them on their own and I wouldn’t really want to wear them under a dress. So what are these good for? if you could be on top and not so much on the bottom these might work for you and they might not for your skin. But if you’ve got a booty, it probably wouldn’t recommend them for anything.

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Ewedoos Leggings

Ewedoos leggings are the best leggings that hide cellulite because these are the knockout tight leggings. These leggings are thick, tight to the body and comfortable. So for the quality, I give them nine out of ten. These are super comfortable and because they are a workout sport pant, they are tight to my body but they aren’t. For the fit, I give these leggings nine out of ten. They were very flattering and super supportive. I can sit in these all day, but the only reason it’s not ten out of ten is they were a little bit to loose on my curves and my ankles.

But nice and tight on my butt and my thighs. They have a really a nice high waist control top that makes me feel comfortable and help me all day with all of my daily activities. But can you wear with the dress? I say it no. It just because they are made with the athletic material just like the target ones. They just stand out a little bit too much when they’re paired with like a girly flowy dress. I just don’t think these leggings really blends well. First, that outside scene is really thick, running down the legs just like the Nike one and I think it’s a little distracting.

Can you wear these leggings on their own? Absolutely yes, because they are so big and comfortable. Even have a pocket on the side which I love. I feel like I could do anything in these and I wouldn’t worry about them being see through it at all. Even when I was pulling on and you couldn’t see even the slight tinge of my skin.

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Fit Rebel Leggings

Last pair of leggings the most expensive and they’re from Fit Rebel leggings. If you need leggings that hide cellulite as well you can wear for work out or can wear as pants or that you could wear under a dress than you should go for these leggings that hide cellulite known as the high times pants. They are specifically made for go with everything. The other Lululemon leggings that hide cellulite that I’ve had before were that like athletic material and these are not. These are cotton and polyester made. So they are going to stand out with a nicer outfit but they’re also going to thick enough to wear as pants.

For the quality, I give these eight nine out of ten. These are amazing, they’re thick and they’re comfortable but they just aren’t quite as supported as Victoria’s secret ones. Even though the fabric feels a little bit softer, a little bit nicer and a little bit more durable. That the athletic material that Victoria’s secret pants are made out of is always going to be thicker and a little bit more supportive than the cotton blend.

As for the fit, I give them absolutely ten out of ten. Because these are so flattering and super comfortable. They have that control top and it lies completely flat on your stomach and really comfortable. They are supportive and they hug your legs but they aren’t too tight but they’re not too stretchy. I mean if you’re spending a hundred dollars on leggings then this is what you should expect.

I would absolutely wear these under the dress even though they are from Lululemon which is an athletic company. Because of the material and there’s no scene down the side. These look just like a normal pair of leggings that hide cellulite under the dress. I would absolutely wear these on their own to as pants. They are thick enough that they aren’t showing any of my skin, if I bent over or if I pull on them, nothing.

fleece lined leggings picture

We’ve seen all the leggings that hide cellulite, we have analyzed them, we’ve tried them on. So what’s the bottom line and what are the best pair.  Well for the best bargain, I am with the target. Even though I wouldn’t wear these under a dress for fifteen dollars. But these are great if you want to pair you can start with the t-shirt and wear them as pants. Now honestly, what I would recommend is getting the ten dollar SEASUM leggings. Even though you don’t have a pair that can do both. But you have two more inexpensive pairs like the one you can wear with the dress and one pair with pants.

But if you want a bit more quality I would recommend my overall favorite Lululemon leggings. They are just amazing and honestly, best leggings that hide cellulite. If you want to wear all the time leggings that hide cellulite as I wear, almost every day. It’s important to think about cost you. So basically it just how much are you spending each time you wear them.

If you spend a hundred dollars on a winter coat that will not hide cellulite and you only wear three times. Then, probably not a good investment cost for you. But if you buy a pair of hundred dollar leggings that hide cellulite and you wear them every day for five years. I believe that’s a really low cost for you. And is going to be more worth it in the end. But that’s just my opinion.

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