The Tops and Flops of the Nipple Bikini Top

The nipple bikini top is a very popular style of swimwear that has grown in popularity over the years. From surfing competitions to summertime vacations, these tops are seen everywhere. Nipple bikini tops are a controversial fashion item. They show off your nipples, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, nipple bikinis also have their pros and cons, as well as some other information that you should consider before buying one! 

In this blog post we will go over both sides of the argument so that you can make an informed decision about nipple bikini top purchases in general!

It may be your first time hearing about them or you have seen some photos, yet you were not really sure if you would be comfortable wearing a nipple bikini top. No worries, we are here to make up your mind.

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The top advantages of having a nipple bikini top in your wardrobe :

  • One advantage of nipple bikini tops is they offer full coverage which prevents tan lines from forming on your chest and back area.


  • Another pro to wearing these types of tops is they provide protection for sensitive skin against sunburns due to their SPF 50+ UVB/UVA protection factor rating (SPF50).


  • As well as, one more benefit is nipple bikini tops prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions like if you have an issue with your bathing suit slipping down or revealing too much.


  • Have you ever seen a man shirtless and thought, why not me ? However, you were a bit embarrassed to show off your real breast. Well, think no more : the nipple bikini top will make you show off your feminism and enjoy a ride with a beer !


  • You wanna look trendy and trick your friends and family : Then, you should adopt the nipple bikini top


  • You firmly believe that patriarchy should crash- wear your nipple bikini top to show your support of the matriarchy


  • As a little girl some of us liked to wear their mermaid costumes- This is still possible without being afraid to get naked. In fact, the nipple bikini top will cover you and you still can achieve your dream of being an attractive mermaid !


  •  NO discrimination- this is certainly a crucial point to highlight, the bikini nipple tops come with diverse colors and sizes. Therefore, you can find the one that perfectly matches your skin tone.

bikini top nipple picture

The flops of having a bikini nipple top :

  • For some Feminists, it is not as great as showing their real breast. Some of us have more confidence than others and would like to appear as they are : Real nipples out. It is their choice and we respect it.


  • Another problem would be that some women will not want to wear the bikini because of their children. Yes, even if it is a top. Once again, we respect it.


  • What about men ? This comment could be said by men who support equality. However, for the moment. These are only made by women for women. Men never had an issue showing off their nipples, yet they can decide to cover them and we expose them. Isn’t it what we call equality ?

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In Conclusion

Yes, there are more advantages than disadvantages and you know why ? Because we want to show our pride and want to change the world to more equality. Most importantly, we want to smash the patriarchy, have fun, and look cool !

One last thing : FREE YOUR (fake) NIPPLES and BE YOURSELF !

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