Senior picture outfit ideas, best guide in 2021

Senior picture outfit ideas are a rite of passage for many high school seniors before they graduate. Whether you’re going to college or not, this is a great opportunity for you and your family to capture the last few months of high school in photos. With that said, it’s important to know what clothes will look best in front of the camera.

In this article Senior picture outfit ideas, we will discuss different styles and outfits to wear for senior pictures so you can dress like a model!

Senior picture outfit ideas : What to Wear

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Senior pictures are a great opportunity to dress up in your favorite clothes:

When it comes down to the clothing, you should wear what makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself – whether that includes wearing something formal or casual! You want to look good, but more importantly presentable for both the camera and photographer. Here are some style tips:

The Senior picture outfit ideas can be as simple as just jeans and a t-shirt (this is where going shopping with an adult friend can come in handy!), or could include accessories such as hats, glasses, jewelry etc.

For girls there’s also double denim – which generally means not matching colors from top to bottom; instead choosing two different shades of blue for example. This trend is very popular because it’s a way for girls to wear denim and still be fashionable.

To finish off your outfit, you should also think about what jewelry looks best with the clothes that are worn in the photo. A simple addition of a necklace or bracelet can take an outfit from good to great!

What Should I Wear for Senior Pictures?

When it comes to deciding what to wear for your senior pictures, there are a few factors that you should consider. First off, how do you want the people in your portrait session to feel? Do you want them laughing and having fun or feeling more serious and moody? 

Next, think about what colors will best compliment your skin tone. Don’t forget that bright color combinations can really make an outfit pop! 

Lastly, keep in mind any of the activities that will take place during the session. If they involve being outside, dress accordingly with rain gear or sunscreen; if not then pick out something trendy but comfortable like shorts or jeans.

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How to Choose What to Wear for Senior Pictures

A lot of times, the senior pictures you see are formal. This is because a lot of seniors want to feel like they’re getting ready for their prom or graduation all over again in these shots. Sometimes, though, I think it’s better when there’s more variety; especially with what you wear so that your photos aren’t just one thing.

I always recommend dressing up as much as possible and putting on makeup if you don’t usually do them daily (and even if you do). 

A lot of schools have a dress code policy where students can only be photographed wearing certain colors, but some allow any color except white which means you’ll need to plan ahead by bringing something other than black or navy blue depending on your school rules.

Shoes for Your Senior Photoshoot

 The shoe you wear is the first thing a photographer will see. Be sure to choose something that looks good in photos and compliments your outfit.

* If your shoes are too light, they may not show up in photographs. 

They should also be clean, polished and free of scuffs or dirt.

* Colorful heels add color to an otherwise drab photo shoot without adding much weight to bags already packed for the day!

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To conclude:

Senior picture outfit ideas : you want to wear something that is flattering and reflects your personality. You can mix up your style with different pieces or you can go for a more traditional look, but it all depends on what feels right for you! 

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