8 Best Swimsuits For Big Bust With Underwire (January 2020)

If you are curvy girl, its hard for you find swimsuits for big bust with underwire that right fits to bust and makes butt more attracting being high waisted.

Best Swimsuits For Big Bust With Underwire

The first thing I would like to try on is super neon orange bikini. It is a bandeau top but also available with two straps. But it does actually sit on your breasts properly. It doesn’t too tight but it’s not too loose either. So if you have big busts, this one is definitely perfect for you if you’re looking for a cute and duets swimsuits for big bust with underwire to wear this summer.

The neon color is really bright so if you want to stand out lists the one for you. The bottoms are simple high waisted. They have this nice little part on top. I did get the extra large just in the case large was not actually large. But with Amazon, I can trust them with their sizing for the most part. It has a simple triangle on the front and triangle on the back. I thought it would make my butt good. The two top could have been a little bit smaller but I still liked it.

swimsuits for big bust with underwire 1

The next thing I got is another bikini in the American flag but it’s also available in black and white and I’ll start with the top. The top has these six spaghetti straps and it’s just a simple black bikini top. It has this little strings one side that I just tied them in a little bow. You can just try them or not to make them, just hang down.

But with the bow, it will be the cutest with this style. The neckline definitely could have been a little bit lower. It that’s just my preference and prefer my bikinis to be revealing. If you don’t like revealing bikinis then this one is definitely conservative. The bottoms have vertical stripes.

I really like vertical stripes as these are the perfect stripes for me. I cannot stand with horizontal stripes. They tend to make you look a lot wider than you are. But the vertical stripes are going the right direction and make you look slim. It’s not exactly completely high waisted but it is kind of a brief and goes below your belly button. But still, have high enough length that it gets rid of that little belly pooch. It also makes your butt look really good because it is that cute triangle shape in the front and in the back.

swimsuits for big bust with underwire 2

So I told you I did get one piece and this is it. I definitely liked it because it reminds me of something Marilyn Monroe would wear and I love her. This is just a plain white plunging neckline one-piece swimsuit. It has padding on the inside, where your boobs would be just to keep everything in place and still give you a little bit of left on. These parts are definitely wide enough so you don’t have to worry about your boobs popping out.

That’s definitely I’m wearing super plunge bikini like this. It has these straps going all the way in the back and one nice detail. As it does have this extra layer of material in the back and of course in the front. You can see it’s a little bit rugged it because it keeps your tummy looking flat it’s just an extra piece of material that definitely makes you look a lot slimmer. And of course, your butt looks really good which is always something I look out for with these triangle bottoms or when I am looking for swimsuits for big bust with underwire.

swimsuits for big bust with underwire 3

The next one is something different, it is a wine red bikini but also available in other different prints like a leopard or zebra. It has a regional brief it claims to be an extra large. I don’t know about you but this does not look like an extra large to me. This looks more like a medium, but it did fit and I did make it work after stretching it extensively. It has these cool little crochet with little lace detailing on the side and also has another strip on the other side.

It has stretchy material so you don’t have to worry about it being unable to fit you but I would suggest going a size up. The top is also wine red and it has that crocheted lace. It has the halter in the back and a pretty flower in the center with a lot of cool little stitching. It turns into a halter but it ties in the front which is cool and it also has padding. This one you don’t really have to remove the padding.

I hate padding in bikinis as they tend to just show the bad and make everything even more tight-knit hardy on my bust. But this one actually fits really nicely on the front and I actually just wrapped it around my body. But you can also tie a bow in the center if you want to but I wrapped it around and tied in the back so it just looked super cute like that.

swimsuits for big bust with underwire 4

The next one I absolutely love this is probably the first one I’m gonna be wearing to the beach when I go next time. It is this two-piece bikini.
It is the smoothes this material I could not figure out what material is but I don’t know it’s just some smooth and it feels so good. It uses glides on your body so does to cling to anything it stretches with you. But it is wide as a top and it has that little tie front like the other one did. This one I just tied the little knot so the strings can hang down the bow itself.

But it’s also just normal and I do like how it is a little bit lower and it does give you more cleavage than the other one and it’s so stretching so comfortable. The bottoms are equally as amazing maybe even more. The bottoms have this extra layer to me there make it high waisted swimsuit or of course, you could hold it and turn it into a brief. But it is a thong with a really awesome ruched back which gives your booty and nice little ass. I love these bottoms so comfortable and definitely something I’ll be wearing a lot this summer for sure.

swimsuits for big bust with underwire 5

Now, this next bikini is a bikini but it’s kind of hard to tell because it is so conservative. Now if I was going somewhere with my grandparents at the beach or pool this is a choice I would make. Its really cute and I like the color, I like the concept of it. It has vertical stripes which are always a plus and it is high waisted. But if you want to show your butt, this is definitely not the one for you. This is not showing any type of booty, it’s almost like shorts.

But like I said it’s high waisted and it’s still kind of swimming because of the high waist and because of the vertical strips. Now the top is different from the other tops that I’ve had. It does help adjustable spaghetti straps and it has this nice little cinched area in the middle to give you a little bit of cleavage or shape there. For some reason, the lines are horizontal here instead of vertical but whatever this really matter on the top. It’s similar to a bra because it has the clasp in the back and it has two different sizing options as you can see.

swimsuits for big bust with underwire 6

The next one is also a bikini as I love most of the bikinis at the beach. It is this mustard yellow high waisted one. It has triangles the front and triangle in the back. It does have the lines in it going vertical just interesting material choice for a bikini. It is stretchy and I got an extra large just to make sure that it fits just right. The top that matches is different than the other ones. It’s actually a one shoulder strap and it has the wrap around pieces like the other wanted.

But this one you definitely have to wrap it around unless you do this one a try on the front whichever is your preference. This one came with padding but it was just not a stretchy material for padding. It was not have fit my boobs if this is gonna be an extra large and it should be able to fit my bust. But it was just a little difficult for me right there when I take out the padding. Luckily it had a little hole so you can do that. You can actually put it back in if you want.

swimsuits for big bust with underwire 7

The last one did not fit me at all but it was so cute I just wish. It claims to be an extra large but this is not the extra large. This is really small it has this extra piece at the top. To give you more of shape if you have really much larger hand is. It definitely would have been really cute because I would have put it on the top of my hips and then I want to let it sit right on the middle of my hips. It would have been such a great idea, fortunately, it did not fit me.

But the lines are vertical which is always a plus and it’s definitely more of a thong, then it is a cheek stir.  The top also has vertical lines and spaghetti straps. It is red and white just like the bottoms but what’s cool about the top is that it has these cool little furrow sleeves. This one wasn’t going to fit with padding it had either I took out the padding. One thing did fit on this one is the top.

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