10 Best Swimsuits for Big Thighs (January 2020)

Best Swimsuits for Big Thighs

The first thing we have this leopard top. It is actually an ASOS brand and this is also in a 32G which is my typical size. These are just savaged by fancy briefs because the bottoms that go with this top they didn’t have in my size style. So I kind of thought I wouldn’t pair them with this because of these, not like swimwear but I could always buy like basic black swimsuit bottoms and pair this. I wouldn’t even have to go black if we compared with the color. Leopard is the neutral color and I choose it because I just love leopard print. This is so cute and this is actually more of bralette styles.

The back actually has like these two straps here and I actually stepped into it I suppose you could probably put it over your head but I stepped into it. I have a really hard time finding bralettes that fit and this actually it feels very thick. It doesn’t feel heavy but this does feel really sturdy like the material isn’t flimsy. I feel like some swimsuits that you buy in-store specially bralette they’re like really flimsy material. This does feel like it’s smushing me a little bit but I feel very secure in this.

It doesn’t look too durable but I don’t think, it’s not giving me a lot of cleavages or anything. I feel very secure like if I did go to a beach or something and then I wouldn’t feel like I was just like out there you know I mean I like it I think I’m definitely and keep this because I really love the pattern and I feel like very comfortable wearing it.

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I next we have the swimsuit top which is a wolf and whistles brand sold on ASOS. I have a wolf and whistles bra with this snake print as I really love snack and leopard print. So when I saw this snake print I had to have it again like with the other one the swimsuit bottoms didn’t mark still available in my size. But again I could probably pair these with you know color or just a basic black to my bottom. I’m not about mixing and matching I feel like when you are fuller busted especially if you are like a drastically different size on the bottom then on the top or vice versa.

You kind of learn to like mix and match stuff and you just go with that and I think it makes more creative. It’s not cutting me off in the cops or anything. I’m just like really out there it’s not I’m comfortable and the band is a little tight for me. It’s got these really cool details on the shoulders and you can see that it’s like twisted around these loops.

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It’s cool it’s and unique as I haven’t seen anything like it before. The back is like a clip and it’s plastic. I am a little worried into might not be secured but that’s my own paranoia. I think this is cute I mean this definitely gives me some cool cleavage and I am not going to lie. I would actually go out on the beach or something in this.

This is my absolute best swimsuits for big thighs ever. I love everything about this is supposed to be a swimsuit by ASOS. At the top is in a 32G and on the bottom, its medium. This actually came in different colors so you can buy any color of your choice. But I would buy this in every color and if they still have it available they had like a plum color. I love the red color but I am obsessed with stretch velvet. It’s just so luxurious and it’s super comfortable. The top, I have to admit that like the leopard top, it is kind of smushing me a little bit but it makes me feel very secure.

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Deep Plunge Crop Bikini Top

Now I have this deep plunge crop bikini top in pink dd-g. I wanted to show you this because this is technically in my size it’s a U. S. 32D. the back is just like one band and it cuts way into me which I realize I’m probably a little bit bigger than a 32D. Its triangle top is adjustable on the bottom. It gives you a little less coverage when you move around. You can definitely wear this at beach parties as it has shine and plunge front. It has adjustable straps with clasp closure so just you need to pick the right size and adjust it your body.

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Twist Front Plunge Bikini Top

This is actually kind of a wild card like I almost fall in love with its floral print. It has adjustable straps with closure clasp which me a lot and I believe you too. It is high waisted styles so its fall in best swimsuits for big thighs. I know some people think that they’re like a little bit more stomach coverage. It doesn’t hold me in quite as much as I think as high waisted swimsuits do. The band is a little bit tight on the prob but it does fit on your thighs. Its print is so pretty much like spring style.

The colors are so pretty at the back of this is it’s got the same kind of one strap which is a lot more comfortable. But the front of this has so much more structure as it actually is an underwire swimsuit. So I feel much more supported in it as I know some people like underwires. I am all for an underwire swimsuit because I just feel like it keeps me more supportive.

If you’re someone who likes to go to the beach and doesn’t want to wear any structure just want to let everything hang loose more power so that’s totally fine. For me, I like a little bit more structure not just for things to look a certain way. but more it’s just a comfort level for me. I just feel more comfortable when things are more supported. I actually really like this I could totally see myself wearing this to the beach.

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Wolf & Whistle Fuller Bust Swimsuit

So I’ve had my eye on this fuller bust swimsuit for a while because I love the idea of like a white one-piece swimsuit especially one that has this nice corset detail. It has plunge neck with the lace-up front which makes it quite stylish to wear at the beach. As its come with low back and brief cut leg so it’s digging in some places that I feel like I don’t usually have a problem with things digging. If you didn’t like things digging into your body, you may go up a size.

Its top is just not made for someone with a larger chest and with its just digging into my hips big time. It’s not something that I usually have a problem with because of my hips. It’s a little bit less coverage at the bottom but there’s really bother me. If you have extra back fat then it may cut down your body so buying an extra size may help you to overcome this or it depends on your body anatomy.

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Frill Skirted High Waist Swimsuit

This was actually a long shot and I realize that some people are going to love this. And some people are gonna hate it. As I know not everyone’s going to like it. It comes with nice floral print and its available in multiple colors. It has clasp closure with brief cuts and ties the sides. This swimsuit has a triangle tapestry at the back which is adjustable. So you can spread it out for a little bit more coverage. It has a little peplum skirt which is so in a while back and I think they’re gonna come back.

I love good peplum designs as it actually ties on the sides so you can adjust it by depending on your body type. It can either give you more curves or it can make you look boxy. Depending on your thighs and back, it will give you nice coverage. It gives me good bump coverage and it’s got the peplum in the back. It’s got a cliff but the clip is kind of migrated over here when I was trying to adjust it. So I got confused about it.

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