13 Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50 (January 2020)

I’m really super excited because for the last couple of months I have been buying lots of things for spring and summer and now I get to show you guys. I have bought so many bathing suits that I’m actually going to show you and today we’re going to talk about swimsuits for women over 50.

Let’s get that baiting suits out of the way those are always the most difficult to find, especially when you’re a mature woman over the age of 50 as I am. They can really be difficult to find no matter how old, how young or what body habits you have. If they’re not fun to shop for but I have some great options that I want to show you so I’m pretty excited about that.

Swimsuits for Women Over 50

All right, I will tell you first, my body habits, just to give you some references. I am fifty-five year old and my body weight is one hundred and thirty-five pounds. I am pretty chesty, I have to say naturally chesty because if I was like to enhance chesty, then I would need support necessarily. I am a thirty-six full D so that means I do need bathing suits that do keep the girls up and supported.

And I do prefer one piece swimwear although, I am going to show you a couple of bathing suit tops that I did get this year that I really do enjoy. So let’s go ahead and start with my favorite swimsuits for women over 50. I absolutely love these swimwears to have in my wardrobe and I go out and just look around for the style or the color that you like.

Halter style Becca Swimwear

This is beautiful halter style Becca swimwear so it has the straps on top which are adjustable.  And then it has gorgeous linings all the way down crochet detail. It covers you but yet you still feel sexy, modern and relevant to you. In the back, it has ties but it’s a simple tie there. It does have a thin padded area that you could take out if you didn’t need that.

There’s not a whole lot of lift but it’s tight enough that it keeps the girls at it. Basically, almost the entire back is out with the exception of the tie. There is a next one show and tell style Becca, pretty similar to a halter style with same crochet detail and it’s so rare to find a beautiful army green.

It’s gorgeous with slightly different straps and then it is a halter neck but it has the same tie in the back so the same back as you see in a halter style. It just has that little tight here and looks how cute it even has little detail on the back of the tie. The straps are adjustable on this one so you can move them up and down with regards to the halter.

And this one was also adjustable straps as well. So both of these are best Swimsuits For Women Over 50. You can probably either wash on very delicate cycle or hand washes these swimwears. It’s because they are a bit on the delicate side with the crocheted so you definitely love these very beautiful bathing suits and girls they have them in plus sizes as well.

best swimsuits for women over 50

One Shoulder Red Swimwear

It is one shoulder but it does have the removable pads inside so that they do you hold up there is a shelf bra inside. When I buy baiting suits I always size up. I absolutely love this design is simplistic yet classic and just beautiful. This red one has the gold M. K. design and it’s just really simple there’s rushing on it. And it just sucks that wasted and just makes you look so thin and so elegant.

swimsuits for women over 50 2

Two Pieces High Waist Swimsuit

If you need a large for the top and needed more of a medium for the bottoms then you should consider this swimsuit. It’s top fit fine and the bottoms were just way too huge but its easily adjustable. It’s very cute and extremely high waisted so does have coverage on the tummy if that’s one of the areas that are you are looking to discuss a little.

best swimsuits for women over 50 3

Floral One Piece Shoulder Swimsuit

This one piece floral shoulder swimsuit is absolutely fantastic and what I love about this is its top straps which makes it adjustable for every woman. It has the shelf bra inside and again removable pads. This one has the little cold shoulder so it sets off the shoulder like this so I’m shown below and I believe it’s very cute and more modest. You may have seen some of the back of swimwear or even the Michael Kors swimwear was not enough coverage for you.

Let’s say you want to cover the girls top a little bit more. This is more full coverage for the girls top and this would be one where you would feel perfectly comfortable going up and down water slides. And you easily do swimming around and not worrying anything’s going to be falling out and I just love the floral pattern on this because you can pop your accessories with a multitude of colors.

This one has oranges, greens, cobalt, blue and just some beautiful colors swimsuits for women over 50. It’s very tropical and very in the season as florals are so again very cute.

best swimsuits for women over 50 4

Jantzen Women’s Leafy Tropical Plunge One Piece Swimsuit

It has this absolutely gorgeous leave pattern which is just stunning. I happen to love green and then it has gold braiding down the sides of top front. This is more of a plunging neckline. This is not the bathing suit that is you wearing down the water slide or the girls are going to come out but to lounge around the pool of the resort, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

This one the whole back is out which is nice it has this beautiful detail and this is by Jantzen swimwear. Its pattern is beautiful, very tropical and if we will be hitting some resorts this summer and I fell in love with this. I think that is fits to anyone body nicely when you buy it with the right size. It has removable cups and this one is underwire so it does give the girls a lot of good support.

best swimsuits for women over 50 5

Shade and Shore Black Turquoise Lace Swimwear

It is fullest gorgeous like of blue you could see that it is a bra-like material. This one is by shade shore has tight wrapped around and it fits beautifully and I really love it. It’s also available in black color with a turquoise black overlay and that is also gorgeous. You can see it below and I love both of them. I would say that they are true to size as I am a thirty-six D.

best swimsuits for women over 50 6

Black Lace Coverup

I bought a couple of cover up this week and this is this black lace coverup. I love it as I believe, it’s very much cute and has tons of gorgeous detail with this kind of lace down the front and the lace sleeves. It’s very lightweight and beautiful as you can see it below image.

best swimsuits for women over 50 7

Tie Dye Sarong

I also bought a sarong that is white gray and black and what’s beautiful about this is you can wear it a multitude of ways. You can flip it upside down so if you want to go gray-white or white grey black or black gray white it doesn’t matter. It’s wrapped around your waist by any way you choose. You can wrap it around your neck too.

You can wrap it around your chest area and your side switches it. Tie Dye Sarong are wonderful and they have a lot of it to work best with swimsuits for women over 50. You get a lot of use out of them and where that a multitude of ways and with that black Michael Kors swimsuit because it is very sleek this looks stunning.

best swimsuits for women over 50 8

Green Crochet Coverup

This crochet coverup I am showing you is a green now that one went back and I was not a fan but I wanted to show you and I’ll explain why I’m not a fan the material is like a crocheted material so it’s a very heavy now if that’s something you like I think it’s pretty heavy for me. It would just weigh me down to be to have it but I did want to show it to you guys as well so if you want these crochet swimsuits for women over 50 and can walk around easily then this is best one for you.

best swimsuits for women over 50 8

Sunny Floral Bikini Set

This is the pink and floral ruffles two-piece swimsuit. So it is a high waist bottom honestly I think all the services are pretty much highways bottom when I picked out and then it has this criss-cross back top with adjustable straps and the rifle along the bottom of the top. I love the color and floral prints with the artists have like butterflies on it which is kind of cool. I love how the bottom stays in the top but I think that the ruffles just kind of take away from the shape. So it’s pretty great if it doesn’t cut off too much my hips so overall just great fun with summer swimsuits for women over 50.

best swimsuits for women over 50 9

High Waisted Bikini Set

This is the all about U striped bikini set so it has the top and then it has a solid black bottom. I like anything that is a black and white combination especially black and white stripes that’s why I pick this one. This one is with a high waist bikini set and I’d say that the bottoms are a little bit tighter than I would like just because it does kind of cut off from hips. Then the top feels a little bigger it has kind of like built-in cups.

And that’s kind of what feels a little big to me but there’s also is adjustable straps you can actually take these the front part of the straps off criss-cross and do whatever you want and as well adjust them. I like the idea of the style of this swimsuit but as far as the face I think I would need to size down on the top and sides open the bottoms almost.

swimsuits for women over 50 10

Quiet Summer Tri-Color Swimsuit

This is a quiet summer tri color swimsuit so obviously, it has black, white and gray lines. I also love the fit so it has a highways top line on the bottom. It’s just like a simple bikini top of the little key hold in the middle and a fake tie in the front. There is no adjustability as far as the waistband. But the straps are adjustable so you can look it up or lower it, however, you want to but great fit on both.

I think that this is just a great classic swimsuit which you can wear for multiple years because there’s no real like seasonal print on it. And it has just the classic black white gray color scheme which definitely adorns its beauty on your body.

swimsuits for women over 50 11

Lost In The Dream Bikini Set

So this is the lost in the dream bikini set with the combination of the navy and like a peach pink pieces put together almost like a color mark. I absolutely love this color combination and I usually love to wear navy as much. I think that these two colors definitely go great together so the bikini top. There’s actually nothing that you can adjust on here you can untie and tie in the middle, however. Then the bikini bottom is obviously high waisted with the same leg cut as most of the other swimsuits for women over 50 have on already.

It has impeached squares pretty much and all over so different patches of both of those colors so I love the fitness.  I think that it fits my body pretty well I love that it’s high waisted and then that the bikini is kind of just a simple more like a triangular bikini top with something straps. I absolutely love the way this one fix. Definitely, it’s a great spring and summer swimsuits for women over 50 to wear. This one is definitely a great color combination and it’s unique so not a lot of people have it.

swimsuits for women over 50 12

So these are the best swimsuits for women over 50 to wear on this summer. These swimwears work best for beach and pool parties and for summer travel around the globe as well. All is you need to pick the right size swimsuits for your body type. If you don’t have an idea about it, you can read it detail guide about it how to choose the best swimsuits for women over 50. If you have tummy bulge or you want to hide your belly pooch then you must swimsuits list here.


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