What to wear for engagement photos

You just got engaged or you are planning for an engagement but you are wondering What to wear for engagement photos, what is appropriate for that occasion.

And that is our job to make it easy for you. After our research and our experts’ advice, we made you a list of recommendations of what to wear for an engagement photo.

An engagement ceremony or an engagement proposal is a one special moment that can’t be recreated as the first time; so it should be perfect in the eyes of the couple and that is by a picture to keep the memory.

So without keeping it long, we invite you to keep reading our guide to what to wear for engagement photos.



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Be yourself !

It’s your day you commit to the one you love, the picture should give off that vibe, dress according to what you’re feeling in that moment, wear your favorite outfit or what your partner loves on you the most. 

Complement each other !

When deciding how you and your partner will dress, look for complementary colors and solid prints. Try to stay away from anything too busy, as it can be an unnecessary distraction in photos. But also avoid matching, complementing is more suitable.

choose neutral tones !

The safe zone you can choose from is neutral colors, you can never go wrong with them, You’ll want to avoid anything neon, lest you’ll end up looking like a hot, blinking sign.

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choose classic !

We recommend looks that will remain timeless, rather than outfits that could make your images feel dated a few years down the road, and that is what classic outfits provide in your pictures.

Think of the season !

The season you are in plays a huge difference, your engagement day is a memory you should remember with all it’s details so your outfit should be according to the season and the location you are in.

Don’t wear more than one accessory !

It’s an engagement photo the only accessory that should be shown is THE RING, but you can add to the photo to be more special as a dog or an item you want it to be included.

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To conclude 

The advice we should end with is to live the moment and be yourself and of course follow our guide to have live the full experience and take the perfect picture for a lasting memory. 

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