What to wear for paintball

You already reserved a day for a paintball, but it’s your first time there and you don’t know what to wear for paintball, because you’re concerned about your safety and you want to have the full experience.

You don’t have to worry, with our research and our experts we made you a guide to what to wear for your paintball day.

Paintball is messy, so you should be concerned about what you are wearing to provide comfort and safety.

And with all that being said we’re going to leave you with our clothing items guide for paintball.

Guide to what to wear for paintball :


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For the top half : You can wear a long sleeve t-shirt when playing. With younger or more pain-sensitive, you may want to layer a long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt or hoodie on top of the t-shirt. If playing at an outdoor field, you want to watch out for overheating, so a sweatshirt would not be ideal in the summer. There are jerseys you can purchase that have a little padding, but also have breathable panels to let air through so you get some padding plus airflow.

For the bottom half : You can wear A pair of elastic baggy sweatpants or long johns with a pair of old and baggy jeans inside. Players also opt for the pants which are made specially for paintballs, jump suits, cargo pants.

For the Head and hands :  many paintball players choose to wear gloves. Unlike winter gloves, you want to wear a glove where you can still feel and squeeze the trigger, paintball gloves have a rubber backing to protect the back of the hand up through the first knuckle. 

You’ll be given a protective mask to What to wear for paintball, you might want to supplement this with further head protection, something like a baseball cap or a beanie.

For shoes : you’ll be running everywhere and you should be able to, so a running shoe, hiking boots or cleats will be the perfect ones.


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In conclusion

Now it’s your turn to go shop or plan your outfit for What to wear for paintball day following our clothing guide for a better experience without any worries. 

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