Fashion Tips for Short and Chubby : What to Wear

what to wear if you are short and chubby ? This is a question that many people ask themselves : Do you feel like fashion is always against you ? It seems that the clothes for short and chubby people don’t exist. Well, they do! You just have to know what to look for. ! Below you will find an article about what to wear if you are short and chubby.

  • How to Dress if You’re Short, Stout and Hefty, these fashion tips are for you!
  • Body type is a difficult thing to work with when it comes to clothes – what works well on one person might not be the right look for someone else. When you’re short, stout and hefty, these fashion tips are perfect just for you:
  • Wear dark colors that create an illusion of height; black is the perfect color as it will make you look thinner and taller
  • Wear clothes that are fitted around the waist and hips to create a slimming effect
  • For shoes, wear heels or boots with ankle straps in order to make your legs appear longer
  • Consider wearing long jackets over dresses as it will help emphasize what is good about your body shape – broad shoulders and a smallish lower half.

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 What Kind Of Dress Should A Short Chubby Girl Wear ? 

what to wear if you are short and chubby ? Who said that chubby girls can’t wear dresses? I’m here to tell you that they can! Just because I am short doesn’t mean I have to dress like a boy. What kind of dresses work well for short and chubby girls? The best dresses are those that flare out at the bottom. These will make you look like it’s not just your legs but also your shapely hips and butt!

  • If you want to wear a dress, opt for ones with the best colors for your body type. These would be dark colors, navy blue, black – anything that will make you look taller than what you are!
  • You can also wear a dress with shorts underneath to give the illusion of height and cover up those chubby legs!
  • If your arms aren’t as toned as others might be, don’t worry you can still find dresses that you can wear!
  • Try to avoid spaghetti straps and strapless clothing if you want an outfit for the summer. These are not ideal for short and chubby girls because they will make your upper body look shorter than what it is!
  • Good news : you can also wear short dresses. Do not feel ashamed. Free your body and pretty legs. You can wear whatever you feel like. But keep in mind that it does depend on where the dress is cut. If your goal is to make yourself look taller, then a long maxi or midi-dress with fringe and volume at the hem would be best!
  • The maxi dress will help to offset your hips and it won’t cling in any unwanted areas. So, this style will flatter your figure. The maxi dresses for short people is a great option because it will camouflage any unwanted fat areas.
  • Choose dresses with vertical lines and patterns. These dresses are more flattering because they lengthen and add height to your body.
  •  Dresses with vertical lines can be a good option as long as you find one that adds volume to the top of the dress without adding too much length at the bottom. This will balance out any added height you get from wearing it, but still keep things looking feminine.

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 Here I give you some ideas for wedding dresses so what to wear if you are short and chubby for wedding :

  • Wedding Dresses for Short Women are also a great option for short women with a fuller figure.
  •  They are designed to have an empire waist or full skirt that adds bulk and volume in the midsection instead of squashing it, but still allow you to wear higher heels since they’re not as long on your body.
  • Another wedding dress for chubby girls is the A-line dress. This will help to offset your hips and it won’t cling in any unwanted areas.
  • The other wedding dress for short women are the trumpet style dresses. These are designed to be longer in the torso and arms, but they’re also fuller at the bottom of them which will help offset your hips.
  • The last dress option is for short women with a wider bust or chest area. The sheath dress is one that you should try since it’s loose fitting around your waist.

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Our Verdict

For women that want to hide their extra pounds what to wear if you are short and chubby , they should opt for Clothes that fit at the biggest or widest part of your body because they are likely to stretch out at the top and bottom. 

Indeed, Choose clothes that are roomier in the chest, shoulders, waist area as well as in the hips so they don’t feel tight or constricting. This will also help prevent any muffin tops you might have from showing through your clothes!

Another crucial point to highlight is that you should not feel embarrassed to wear dresses and to show your body. I can assure you that with all the tips I have given you above, you will feel confident, beautiful, and irresistible. 

Also, do not forget that all women are beautiful and you are one of them !

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