What to wear in hawaii in 2021

What to wear in hawaii

You have a trip to Hawaii, but you still didn’t consider your clothing so you are asking what to wear in hawaii.

In this article we will answer this question for you, after our research about how locals dress and what is appropriate in hawaii we made you a guide to what to wear in hawaii.

Hawaii is known for its hot weather all along the year, which makes it easy to choose your type of clothing.

With all that being said, we invite you to continue reading our guide.

Guide to what to wear to hawaii :


When you’re choosing your shorts; choose shorts that are at or below the knee, and solid colors to match all your shirts.

 pants :

One pair of simple loose fitting linen pants or stylish travel chinos are all you need during your stay in hawaii because of the warm weather.

 Aloha shirts:

Perfect for every occasion. Buy local if you can, to have the perfect hawaii experience.

Aloha sundresses:

The ladies equivalent of the aloha shirt, pretty comfortable and beautiful pattern. 

Comfy t-shirts:

T-shirts are Great for casual hangs, a day at the beach, or a nice hike.

Sunglasses :

Are a must to protect your eyes from the sun. 


 Locals call them “slippers;” they are the perfect choice because of the heat.

Multiple swimsuits:

Locals wear surf-inspired board shorts and one-pieces; bring a spare for maximum comfort.

Lots of sunscreen

30 SPF or higher and make sure it’s reef safe, sunscreen is a must especially if you’re not used to that kind of weather. 

In Conclusion,

Be aware of the weather and dress like a local dress and you will be good to enjoy your vacation to Hawaii. 


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