What to Wear on a Cruise

Cruises are without a doubt the ultimate escape. You’re in the middle of nowhere with thousand of strangers around you. Endless possibilities of fun, new meetings, and new adventures. So, you’re about to embark on a glamorous cruise? Will you be sunbathing, island-hopping eating gourmet meals all day, everyday ? Great ! Then you should know that the last thing you should worry about is what to wear on a  cruise because we’ve got you covered ! Here are a bunch of ideas for what to wear in different circumstances for your cruise


what to wear on a cruise

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Throughout the day you’ll be between the pool, the spa, wine tasting, working out, and eating lunch at the buffet; overall super relaxed and lowkey activities. This means that you can opt for a more relaxed look, since you’ll day will probably be full of comfortable, relaxed things. Remember, this is a vacation, not the Paris fashion week, it’s completely okay to dress down a little, especially in the daytime !

Shorts, sundresses, casual skirts and shirts, jeans, capris, cropped trousers and pretty or trendy tops are generally perfect cruise clothing. You can even get away with rocking your bathing suit all day long, especially with a cover-up or caftan to cover up when you’re not by the pool, or walking around. Sneakers, sandals, flip-flops will be your standard day shoes for a cruise. Keep in mind that looking great is nice and all, but comfort is key !


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Every cruise offers endless activities, and one of this activities is excursions. So once you dock, you need to make up up your mind as to which one you’re opting for. From hiking, to snorkeling, to tourist walks and shopping; you will be spoiled for choice. The best way to be fully prepared to dress for any of these activities without having made your mind beforehand, and without having to overpack, is to bring layers.

For instance, if you are planning to swim with dolphins, or maybe just go out near the beach, a swimsuit with shorts and and a shirt is perfect. And out of precaution, you can add a light sweater of jacket to that or simply throw it your bag.

Oh, and please don’t forget appropriate footwear ! If you’re walking, flip-flops might not be the greatest idea. Maybe go for a pair of sneakers instead, so as to avoid blisters, or god forbid, a twisted ankle

What To Wear On A  Cruise Dinner?

The words Cruise Dinner can’t help but conjure up images from the darkest recesses of our minds. You know, those of Kate Winslet as Rose walking down the staircase in a breathtaking gown and white evening gloves. However Titanic attire is not really what we’re looking for here.

In fact, there are 3 dinners in cruises, so depending on which one is on the agenda, here are different ideas on what to wear :

Dressing for a Casual Dinner : 

On the first night of your cruise, there’s bound to be a casual dinner. Everyone is usually super tired, and just getting settled so it’s the perfect occasion to keep things low-key. The last night might also be a casual dinner since it’s way too hectic, what with the packing and everything.

So, for your casual dinners, we recommend wearing anything that’s informal, but not too much. Any summer dress, comfy trousers, top (not t-shirt) and dark jeans will do. Athletic wear is probably something you should stay away from. Once again layers are great, so bring a sweater In case you go sleeveless. It’s the kind of item you’d wear to the nearby neighborhood restaurant . Men would wear trousers, jeans or nice shorts and a smart shorts, a polo or print shirt. You could even put on a casual dress shirt to the ship’s evening buffet. And if you’re still confused, just wear any kind of clothing item you would wear to your neighborhood restaurant for dinner.

Dressing for a Smart Casual Dinner : 

A smart casual look is not too different from a casual one, just think of it as a step up. To put it in layman’s terms, think of whet you would wear to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and go with that !

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For instance, a smart  casual look would be a great dress, a skirt with a dressy shirt, or a chic shirt with shorts. Or you could very simply go with the most basic fool proof staple : the infamous little black dress.

Men must also look a little more dressed up. You could wear casual pants and a collared top such as a polo or a shirt and sport jacket — no tie required.

Dressing for a formal dinner : 

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More often than not, every cruise will organize one formal night where all the guests can get all dressed up and fancy., you know, those aforementioned Titanic vibes. This is usually the night you get acquainted with the captain,  the team, and your fellow guests.

This is the perfect opportunity to get out that one fancy gown and your favorite jewelry. Anything from a maxi dress to an elaborate evening gown is great ! And don’t forget to accessorize ! Men ought to wear a dark suit and tie and why not, even a tux!

Free Style dinners 

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There’s a new type of cruise dinner that doesn’t really adhere to any rules : no set dinner time, no established dining room, and naturally, no dress code. If ever you find yourself in one, feel free to dress however you wish. However, smart Casual is the common dress code to get free style dining.

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