What to wear on a first date best guide in 2021

What to wear on a first date : The first date is a big deal. It can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences you’ll ever have, which means that it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for what could happen.

We all want to make a good first impression on our date, but what does that really mean? There are so many ways you can dress up for the occasion, and it’s hard to know what will be best.

In this blog post we will discuss what you should wear on your first date!

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What to wear on a first date : 

Before You Dress: Important Things to Consider:

  • -What type of person are you going out with?
  • -Do they like their dates dressed up or casual?
  • -Is this a date for the movies, dinner, drinks, etc.?

-Wear something comfortable so it feels like home.

-Dress in clothes that make you feel confident about yourself.

– Keep in mind the season – dress accordingly

– Dress according-dressy if the evening calls for it, but don’t go overboard with formal attire

– Choose something appropriate for the occasion (a club vs. dinner)

– Wear clothes that make you feel confident!

What to wear on a first date : color dress 

This is a difficult question to answer. You really want to make a good impression, but what you should wear depends on the type of date you are going on and with whom!

 For instance, if it is an evening drink or dinner date that will be held in public view such as at a restaurant or bar then I would suggest wearing a dress that falls below the knees, such as a cocktail dress in either black, red or white. 

If you are going on a date that will be more private and intimate then I would suggest something like jeans paired with blouse top for instance – this is really up to your own preferences!

What type of shoes should I wear? 

Again it depends what type of date you are going on. If you are meeting at a public place then I would suggest heels or flats, but if the date will be more intimate and private such as dinner for two in your own home then you can wear whatever shoes fit best with what other clothes you decide to wear!

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What should I do about my hair? 

Again this depends on what type of date you are going on! I would suggest wearing your hair down if it is long, but for a short hairstyle go with what works best.

A woman’s hair style can say more about her personality than even she realizes. For instance, if a woman has long hair and decides to wear it down on her first date she might be shy or not too confident with herself. 

On the other hand, if she wears her hair up in pigtails or braids then she is more likely someone who likes attention and wants people to like themselves!

How should I do my makeup? 

Again this depends on what type of first date you are going on and also what time the dinner will be at as well! So, I would suggest doing very light makeup and make sure to use blush!

Should I wear any jewelry? 

Yes, you should definitely wear some jewelry. The most popular type of necklace or earrings work best for a first date depending on what the occasion is!

If it’s just one drink: 

For girls – wear something tight and sexy. And if your guy likes to feel in control then put on some thigh highs

Guys – show off what makes you different by wearing an outfit that stands out from everyone else around you. You’re not afraid to stand out – so make sure all eyes are on you too!

If it’s more than one drink (or a movie): dress up as classy but sexy. Wear something revealing without being overbearing about it because subtlety is key here ladies

What to wear on a first date, According To Science: 

This is a question that has confounded humankind for generations. But now, thanks to a study from the University of Toronto Mississauga, there is an answer!

The study surveyed 50 different outfits and found what people said they thought most sexy in both men’s and women’s clothing. The winner? Men wearing suits won hands down, with over 50% of people preferring the suit. For women, heels were found to be most preferred by respondents with over 50%.

The next question is what kind of suit? 

The study showed that for men a navy blue pinstripe was voted sexiest out of all suits, and for women it was a dark red pencil skirt paired with a white blouse.

It’s important to note that the study found what people said they thought was sexiest in men’s and women’s clothing


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What to wear on a first date is an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in. This will make it easier for you to relax, enjoy your date, and get to know the person better.

Your first impression is what people remember so wear something flattering!

Be yourself – don’t try too hard or be something that you’re not. If they like the real you, then everything else will fall into place. With these tips, I guarantee you that it will help get you a second one 😉

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