What to wear skydiving ? In 2021

What to wear skydiving ?

It’s your first time skydiving, and you don’t know what to wear skydiving, and you don’t want to look like a beginner and have the fullest experience.

Don’t worry, we have the answer to your question; based on our experiences and our experts we made a guide for you to help you to dress properly to your first skydive experience.

Without taking any longer, we invite you to read the guide we made for you.

Guide to what to wear skydiving:

What shoes should you wear ?

Any sneakers or flat-sold shoes are perfect for skydiving, the shoe should be lightweight and the lace should be tight. Any slippery shoe is a no, your feet should be secured while skydiving.

What clothing should you wear ?

lightweight, stretchy bottoms make a great choice to ensure you are comfortable on your skydive. Also thin layers and long sleeve tops and long layers are the key for warmth and comfort up in the air. Jeans, short sleeves and hoodies are a no.

How should you wear your hair ?

If you have long hair, you should plan on pulling it back or putting it into a ponytail. Some people prefer to tuck their long hair inside their helmets.

Glasses or contact lenses ?

If you wear prescription glasses, you can either jump without your glasses, or put our goggles over your glasses. If you wear contacts, be sure to tell your instructor so they can be sure the goggles are tight against your face.


Last but not least, just be comfortable; wear the comfortable clothes you have and go have the best experience of skydiving.

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