What to wear to a baby shower

You have been invited to a baby shower but you don’t know What to wear to a baby shower, you don’t wanna be overdressed or downed dressed. 

Don’t worry, it’s our job to guide you into what to wear on every occasion you have.

Baby showers are quite chill occasions that don’t take that much of thinking, it’s a gathering around the new pregnant mom and celebrating that.

Without taking any longer we leave you with our recommendations.

Ideas about What to wear to a baby shower:

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think about the season :

.  In the spring or summer, white or lighter wash denim would be great with simple flats and a blouse. Since your top will be more of a statement piece, go simple on the jewelry. A pair of hoops is perfect.

.  During the fall, dark wash jeans and a button down shirt make a great baby shower outfit.

. For the winter, swap the blouse for a sweater. Choose a fun one with details or embellishments.

  1. A dress and a casual shoe: 

A dress can be a blank canvas. You can partner it with a jacket, jewelry, or other accessories to create many different looks. You could drop the jacket and replace it with a shirt for two completely different looks. And the shoes should be comfortable; avoid high heels.

  1. A cute top and jeans:

This outfit is a staple, and you can never go wrong with it, your top is gonna be the main item to consider; choose colors and patterns, happy colors are recommended, your outfit should scream comfort and happiness. 

what to wear to a winter baby shower picture

In conclusion

Wear your staple cute favorite outfit and go to the What to wear to a baby shower and be there for the new mom and enjoy your time. 

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