What to wear to a bar

You have a night out with friends or alone at a bar and you don’t know what to wear to a bar, or you want a bar dress coded outfit.

From our experiences and the nights out our team have, plus our research in dress coded fashion; we made you a list of recommendations of what to wear to a bar.

Dressing properly to an occasion or to a place is quite an important thing to consider, because dressing well makes good impressions on the people, and it’s gonna  make you feel better and at place.

And now we leave you with our list of recommendations…

What clothing to wear at a bar 

Jeans: jeans are great stable for a night out, wearing pants in general give you comfort and practicality for its pockets where you don’t have to bring a purse, you can store your ID and cash.

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Jackets: the jacket can be a jean one or a leather one, they’re perfect to throw over a loose-fitting top or even a bodysuit. Leather jackets are great for the colder weather because they’ll keep you warm while waiting in line.

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Bodysuits: Bodysuits are definitely an essential piece of clothing for any college bar-goer, bodysuits are pretty comfortable and easy to put on.

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Shoes: choose shoes that you can comfortably stand in for hours, like loafers or ballet flats. If you want to wear heels for extra height, make them wedges with plenty of support.

Purse: for the ladies, you should be bringing a purse that is practical and doesn’t hold that much space.

To conclude :

The only advice we can give you is to dress as comfortable as you can to have fun during your night of what to wear to a bar.

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