What To Wear To A Bridal Shower As A Guest

what to wear to a bridal shower can bring on all forms of guest anxiety, especially if the invitation is ambiguous. So many questions come to mind. What should I bring? What’s the proper etiquette? How should I do my hair? And most importantly, what should I wear?

Well, let me tell you that there’s no need to worry yourself silly, we’re here to help you. By the end of this article, you should be all set to attend as many bridal showers as you wish!

What to wear to a bridal shower ?

Bridal showers are all respectful, ladylike events, and you should dress accordingly! By looking nice and presentable, you are not only doing it for yourself, but also out of respect and appreciation for the bride! After all, how many excuses do we have to dress up anymore?

We’ve put together a few handy tips and examples to help inspire your next bridal shower outfit!

1. Look Special !


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A lot of the times, bridal showers can be somewhat informal affairs, even held in someone’s backyard. In cases such as these, feel free to wear a cute, yet dignified sundress. A long dress, or capri pants and a cute top are also a great choice!

In the fall/winter, an informal shower is more likely to be held indoors, perhaps in a house or a neighborhood community hall. Again, an informal day dress and trousers and a pretty blouse or shirt would be great.

Very often, bridal showers are semi-formal gatherings, meaning that they’re a little fancier. What this entails is that it’ll probably be held in a country club, a high-end restaurant or a hotel, or maybe just a high-end home. In this case, we recommend that you go with a nice, maybe a slightly fancier dress, or a chic ensemble.

But whether it’s formal, informal, or somewhere in-between, we strongly discourage you from wearing your boring everyday clothes. A t-shirt and jeans are a big no-no. We want you to look special!

2.Pastels and Happy Colors Are The Way to Go ! 

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A gentle pastel, from a baby pink, to a powder blue, a soft peach or a light beige are all perfectly suited for the general just of a bridal shower. The drawback is that these colors can make certain people feel washed out or pale. If this applies to you, feel free to go with slightly darker and deeper tones of the same colors. Maybe avoid really dark colors such as navy blue or black.

3.You Can’t Go Wrong In A Dress

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Dresses are a truly foolproof option for pretty much any event, and bridal showers are no exception! You can go for anything from a wrap dress, an a-line, a fit-and-flare… the options are endless. Also, if you’re not all too familiar with the crown, it’s always better to err on the slightly conservative side: plunging necklines, and extremely short lengths are maybe not very ideal.

4. Florals Match The Vibe

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A nice floral pattern is bound to be a hit in any bridal shower. In dress or blouse form, its liveliness fits the ambiance perfectly, and you can’t really go wrong with it!

5. Don’t Underestimate The Power of Shoes

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Shoes in these types of events are your best friends. They can make or break your outfit. A chic delicate stiletto can be all that is needed to completely transform a simple outfit to a fancy one.

6.Think Delicate, Not Tough

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A bridal shower is maybe not the occasion for you to bring out that black leather jacket and combat boots of yours, so maybe leave them for another day. A bridal shower, however, is the occasion for you to bring out soft, delicate and flowing materials that drape over the body nicely; warm and bright colors, as well as feminine patterns. Anything from silk, to chiffon, to tule, to even lace or ruffles is fantastic!

7.Get Jeweled Up

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A bridal shower may just be the perfect opportunity for you to bring out all that jewelry that you think is too fancy to wear on your day to day life. Much like shoes, your accessories can drastically elevate your outfit, just don’t go overboard with it!

8.Pants And A Blouse Can Be Pretty

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If dresses aren’t your thing, we don’t recommend that you force yourself into one just for this occasion. We want you to be comfortable. Instead, we suggest some dress pants, a blouse , and maybe a jacket to go with them. Stick to flowing pants with light, yet sturdy materials (we don’t want them to be see-through though). Those types of trousers tend to look a lot more chic.


9.Think Sweet, Not Sexy

Save your sexy outfits with their short skirts and deep plunging necklines for other events, as they can be a step too far for a ladies’ afternoon gathering. However, to overkill the sweet look either or you’ll risk looking like a desperate school girl. Balance is important.


10.Kick Up Your Accessories

Aside from shoes and jewelry that we’ve already addressed, there are many other ways to accessorize: a patterned silk scarf, a glitzy clutch, a cute handbag, or even a hat, why not?




We hope that this guide’s been helpful, and remember, there’s no need to feel bad about buying a dress for a bridal shower. You can use it again in many other occasions to come.


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