What to wear to a job fair in 2021

What to wear to a job fair

You are having your first career fair, and you don’t know what to wear to a job fair.

Don’t worry we have the answer for you, in a job fair you prepare your resume and your answer for questions you may be asked, but clothing and how you present yourself it’s as important as what has been said before. 

Without taking any longer, let’s dive into our guide to what to wear to a job fair.

Guide to what to wear to a job fair:

Pants and skirts :

For women Business attire includes a skirt or pants If you choose to wear a skirt as part of your suit, choose one with a hemline two inches or fewer above your knee. All components of your outfit should be clean and pressed.

For men pants are the choice, suit pants are the best one.

Tops and jackets :

For women Pair a skirt or suit pants with a jacket and a blouse that complements the look of the suit and sits no lower than the collarbone. A blouse with a pair of dress pants or a professional skirt is considered business casual for women.

For men a suit, a button-down dress shirt in a neutral color and a tie will complete the look, topped with the suit jacket. For business casual dress, a button-down shirt and a tie are acceptable. although a jacket is not necessary.

Shoes :

For men polished dress shoes will be perfect.

For women you can wear boots or pumps with heels less than 3 inches. Do not wear flip-flops, sandals, or flimsy shoes. Definitely avoid any shoes that make it difficult to walk.

Accessories :

For both men and women, keep it simple and classy, don’t wear flashy items, the classier they are the better impressions they will leave. 

In Conclusion :

Dress classy and don’t try hard, the simpler you are the better impressions you will make and you will perform better at your job fair. 

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