What to wear to yoga in 2021

What to wear to yoga

You just booked your first session to learn yoga, but you are wondering what to wear to yoga.

Don’t worry we have the answer to your question, you are in the right hands of fashion and sportswear experts.

Yoga requires a lot of physical movement, it focuses on the body and the mental as well, so you shouldn’t be worrying about what you are wearing.

Without taking any longer, we invite you to read the guide to what to wear to yoga.

Guide to what to wear to yoga:


The perfect bras to wear are sports bras, as they hold everything in place so you don’t have to worry about your chest area. and it absorbs all the sweat you will be reproducing.

Yoga pants, leggings and shorts:

Your leggings and yoga pants should hold your belly in place and tighten your thighs not very much, but the good way for more flexibility that you will need for sure. 

When choosing a pair, avoid both short shorts and loose shorts it’s best to wear other styles that will keep you covered. Pick a pair that makes you feel confident enough to bend and contort with your legs up in the air without feeling exposed.


You can choose tights or yoga shirts that hold your upper body as the yoga pants do with your lower body. Or you can choose tanks if you want your areas to be more breathable, and if you are a cold body person you can choose a long sleeve shirt.


Yoga does not require footwear. This means that you will need to remove your shoes and socks before entering the class. But you can find a pair that will match your outfit.


Yoga as any other sport, doesn’t require accessories, but you can bring a headband to keep your hair out of your face, a mat that is the important thing of it all, and your water bottle and you are good to go.

In conclusion:

Keep it simple as much as you can, dress in your clothes that make you flexible and comfortable at the same time and head to your yoga class. 

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