What to wear under board shorts ? In 2021

What to wear under board shorts ?

You’re a surfer, or just getting into surfing and you just bought your new shorts but you don’t know what to wear under board shorts.

You can wear nothing under your board shorts,but there is actually underwear designed to be worn under boardshorts. This is the best option of what to wear under board shorts.

But there are factors to consider before buying your underwear, and this is what this article is about.

With all that being said, we invite you to read our guide of what you should consider when buying what to wear under board shorts.

Factors to consider while buying underwear:

Drying time :

Your underwear should dry quickly. You’d hate the damp and sticky feeling of the material under board shorts. Avoid wearing materials like cotton because Cotton doesn’t dry quickly. But Spandex is quick to dry but not without some help. You can opt for materials like mesh, spandex-cotton, or bamboo-spandex. These are good combinations for compression wear under board shorts.

Support :

We recommend Spandex because it’s breathable but tight. Lightweight but firm. And breathable but compressed. It benefits the skin by preventing chafing or skin irritation. So it keeps everything in its right place so nothing moves around under there.

Look :

Board shorts are designed with quick-drying capacity. This can transform itself into natural beachwear. So, it is okay not to wear anything under board shorts. So, now you know what to wear under board shorts and what not to.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t even matter what you wear under your shorts. It is entirely your personal choice, you can go either way. But if you still want to wear underwear under your board shorts we invite you to follow our guide.

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