What to wear under the cap and gown in 2021

What to wear under the cap and gown

You’re off to your graduation, it’s your first one, and you don’t know what to wear under the cap and gown.

This is what the article is about, we will guide you to what to wear under the cap and gown the day of your graduation.

On graduation day we see everyone dressing in cap and gown, but what is inside makes you different from the others so you want to know how to achieve that properly.

Without taking any longer, we invite you to follow our guide…

Guide of what to wear under the cap and gown:

What shoes should you wear ?

For males, you can wear brown or black dress shoes, but make sure they have a thick sole for good support.

For females, stick with a pair of very low-heeled pumps for better support.

What clothing should you wear?

For males, A spring suit of light-weight material is appropriate. You aren’t expected to wear the jacket, for the Pants they can wear a pair of dress pants with a dress shirt if you don’t have a suit. The slacks should be a solid color, like brown, black or gray. Any shirt a male wears should have a collar and be a solid color. If the shirt isn’t part of the suit, short sleeves can be worn.

For females, they can  wear dresses or skirts with a blouse in seasonal colors and materials, like silk and linen. Or if you choose a blouse with pants; choose one you would wear to a wedding or dinner at a high-end restaurant.

What accessories to choose?

Don’t go off with your choice of accessory, the minimalist it is the better it is; keep it simple as they say.

In conclusion,

Choose your outfit with a lot of thinking because it’s your day that won’t be repeated, so follow our guide and have a great graduation celebration.  

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