What to wear with green pants ? In 2021

What to wear with green pants ?

You just bought your new pair of green pants, but you don’t know how to style it, and you are asking what to wear with green pants.

You are in the right hands, from the advice given by our fashion experts and what is trendy right now ; we made a list of recommendations of what to wear with your green pants.

Green pants are one of the colors that we wear less than we should, and If we do, most of the time are either as a top or as an accessory.There are some people that dislike the color green, and that’s okay. But it could happen that they simply have not given much of a though to all the modern outfits they could pull-off.

What to wear with green pants ? With that all being said, we must leave you with the list of recommendations of what to wear with green pants.

1. blue denim jacket :

green pants picture

A blue jacket, light or dark with green pants makes a casual outfit for everyday and it gives a simple light feeling to the outfit.

2. A graphic t-shirt:

Green pants womens photo

Green pants allow you to go as big as you want with the font or to choose message t-shirts with smaller fonts. If you’re not too sure about the colors to go for when it comes to the t-shirt and the font used in the message on it, go for yellows, blacks, whites, or grays.

3. White button-up :

Mens green pants picture

The classic white button-up looks good when you pair it with green pants.To dress this outfit down and make it more casual, you can get a casual button-down and wear it untucked.

4. with a blazer :

Olive green pants picture

To get the right fit when it comes to your blazer make sure the length of the blazer balances well with your green pants. Shorter blazers will look good with loose-fitting green pants while skinnier ones can work with both longer and shorter ones.


To Conclude,

Now you can choose one of our recommendations and plan your outfit and you can wear your green pants.

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