What Happens to Fat When You Wear a Corset ?

Where does the fat go when corset training ? The corset is a constricting garment that has been worn for centuries. Originally, it was used as a form of torture and punishment by the aristocracy in Europe. It gained popularity as an undergarment in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when women wore them to achieve a fashionable hourglass shape. 

Today, many people wear corsets to train their waistline and flatten their stomach for aesthetic reasons or even competitively (think of those ladies at your local Renaissance Festival).

Where does the fat go when corset training ? When you wear a corset, where does the fat go ? This is one of the most common questions that people ask when they first start wearing their new undergarment. If it’s your goal to lose weight and train your waistline, then this question may be concerning. 

In today’s article, we will answer this question by discussing what Where does the fat go when corset training.

Fat Distribution :

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It has been said that a corset can take inches off of your waistline by sucking the stomach in and holding it tight. One question you might have is, “Where does the fat go when corset training?” Well, it doesn’t just disappear. 

The fat cells are compressed together, which results in them taking up less space than they would without compression. This means that while wearing a corset, not only will your waist be smaller but so will your hips and thighs because those areas contain more fat cells than other parts of the body.

Metabolism :

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If you’ve ever worn a corset before, then you know the feeling. You can barely breathe and your chest is crushed. And so it’s natural to wonder Where does the fat go when corset training ? Well, there are many theories on this topic but the answer isn’t as simple as we would like it to be. Some people believe that wearing a corset forces your body into an hourglass shape which means less fat in the stomach area. 

Other people think that because of reduced breathing capacity, your body compensates by reducing its metabolism; meaning less fat is burned at rest and more calories are stored as fat for use during exercise or activity.

Shrink :

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Where does the fat go when corset training and When you wear a corset, the pressure on your body forces your fat cells to shrink. The fat cells are pushed together and squashed inwards under the pressure of the corset. As they shrink, they release their contents into other parts of your body. 

This is why when people wear a corset for an extended period of time, they can see dramatic losses in size all over their body!

Debate :

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Where does the fat go when corset training ?” The answer has been heavily debated for years. While some experts claim that wearing a corset will not reduce your waist size because all of your fat will be redistributed around your body, others disagree and say that wearing one can cause weight loss by minimizing food intake and restricting breathing.


People who are trying to lose weight often turn to waist cinchers, also known as corsets. But Where does the fat go when corset training ? Does it just disappear? Well, not quite… but it does get redistributed. 

– The fat that is on your stomach will go down and accumulate around your hips and thighs; while the fat on your back will move up towards your chest. 

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