Zenni vs eyebuydirect, best guide in 2021

Zenni VS Eyebuydirect : Choosing a store to buy glasses online can be difficult. There are many stores that offer an excellent selection of frames, and different pricing plans for each frame. This article will compare zenni vs eyebuydirect so you can make an informed decision about which is the best store for your needs!

Should I Buy Glasses Online?

It can be hard to find a retailer that carries the type of glasses you need. Buying your eyewear online saves time and money.

Zenni vs eyebuydirect : Which Should You Pick

Zenni: eyebuydirect vs zenni picture

-Zenni has been around longer than eyebuydirect.

-Zenni offers glasses that are made in China and Hong Kong

-Shipping time ranges from 2 days up to 10 days depending on when you order your frames  -The cost per frame ranges from $6.95-$29.95 with most frames being less than $20; however, prescription lenses can add an extra fee onto the price ranging from $4-$30 depending

-rimless or full-rimmed? If your answer is “rimless,” then Zenni might be the best store for you because they offer so many different styles at affordable prices.

-zenni is the better option for most people because it offers more styles and colors than eyebuydirect

– Low prices with high quality frames

– Glasses start at $8.95

– Free shipping on orders over $25 in U.S., or free international shipping on orders over $100


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-You can spend r up to $200 from eyebuydirect.

-Eyebuydirect will mail your glasses out after receiving payment via credit card or PayPal.

– Prices range from low to higher end ($150-$200) but include more expensive brands like Armani Exchange and Rayban

-If you’re looking for “full-rimmed” then Eyebuydirect would be a better option because they have a wide range of frames starting from $5 up through $200

-Eye buydirect , on the other hand, has a different approach. They offer more popular name brands at competitive prices with free shipping for orders over $50.

-Eyebuydirect provides a better selection of popular brand names. 

Experiences with Zenni Optical or Eyebuydirect? 

*“My glasses from Zenni are much easier to clean and the frames don’t break as easily. My glasses did not come with a case, but they offer cases that have been really helpful in protecting my lenses while I’m transporting them or if I just need somewhere to put them when I’m home.”

*“I’ve used both of these companies

– Eyebuydirect has a large variety of frames to choose from, but they are more expensive than zenni. The lenses seem just as good though

– Zenni is the best option for me because there’s no middle man and I can get my glasses in one or two days. My mom used eyebuydirect and it took about four weeks between ordering and shipping.” 

Our Verdict

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Zenni vs eyebuydirect : There is no clear winner in this debate; zenni has the edge when it comes to quality and price, while eyebuydirect provides a better selection of popular brand names. 

Zenni is best if you are looking to get glasses frames within an affordable price range and want high-quality lenses that will last a long time. 

Eye buydirect is best when you are looking for a more popular name brand and want to shop around for the best prices.

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